Cali Meets NYC: Moving In Together Part 2

I'm back for another part of the Cali Meets NYC series, an account of my boyfriend Neil and our relationship. Read part one, to see how we have made long distance work for us.

Okay, you might think we are a little crazy but I knew the moment we met, Neil would be an important part of my life. After spending a great deal of our relationship in two separate cities we made the decision to move in together.

Lots of people voiced their opinion and we have heard it all and yeah, we admit it is a little crazy. We also say the decision is ours. After a little back and forth about deciding on what borough/ area we wanted to live, we concluded New Jersey would give us what we ultimately needed.

We decided on the area and then the real search began with looking, calling and emailing tons of listings. This process took months with disagreements, frustrations, highs, and lows. We hit road block after road block until we found the perfect place. A mix of city downtown living in a smaller city. It was love at first sight for the both of us.

Fast forward and it has been almost a month since moving in together. With boxes and luggage half empty we are not even close to being completely settled in. Unpacking and settling in will take time and soon we will be all set.


So, how does it work from spending spurts of time together to being in each other's face 24/7? Oh, I forgot to mention I also work from home 3 days out of the week. We have noticed each other's quirks and of course, have had a few quarrels but that is to be expected. The disagreements are far and few in between while our happy moments outweigh them tremendously. We understand both the need for space, closeness, and intimacy. 

We have shared our most inner secrets, thoughts, and words. It has brought us closer as a couple while we spend almost every weekend at our favorite place, Target to buy some knick knacks for the apartment or personal item. We take the time for ourselves and each other. Every day we grow a closer bond and while we understand every day is not rainbows and butterflies we are prepared for this road. 

So. we're going to finish watching Martin on our nostalgia trip. And stay tuned for more.

P.S. It really is true, the I's turn into us and we. Off to bed with my 'Martin'.