Whatcha you know about a female hustler.

Females Hustlers Stand up! 
The definition of a female hustler: 
 (n.) Enterprising women who are determined to succeed; go-getters a.k.a. Goal Diggers. 

This past week we had the opportunity to be a part of the powerful network of strong women called the Female Hustlers on Instagram. They promote women who hustle and slay for their goals.  I have been an avid follower of their Instagram for months! Personally, I was so inspired by their hustle and support for other women. Female Hustlers to me is way greater than the term "girl boss." Girl Boss is a great term, but now female hustlers show the expansion, strength, and slayage of a woman daily grind 24/7.  
The Female Hustlers Instagram is empowering, and we are honored to have them reach out to us! So She Slays wants to empower women and be the lifestyle blog you can relate to on daily basis. Everyone should follow The Female Hustler IG to get some motivation and follow other dope women who are on their grind. 
Let us all become female hustlers; let us slay on and make moves. We are women, and we are strong beyond measures. Let us strive for equality and justice for ourselves and support each other. 

Go Follow Female Hustlers on Instagram

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