Little Women: Atlanta Awards – Season 3 Wrap Up

Hello, all! I’m here to break down the reunion of the best reality show currently on TV: Little Women: Atlanta.

This season saw dramatic reunions, frayed relationships, messy baby daddies, a little stripper gone wild, and beef over the poorly misplaced chicken wing that refused to go away. I, of course, was here for all of it because I live for messy and I live for petty. I’m issuing end of the season awards because the whole cast deserves it. I love them so.

Saddest Reconciliation – Andrea reunites with Chris aka Felon Baby Daddy

Did any of us expect Andrea to really give up Chris? It’s not like he treats her like crap, has a secret second family, alienates her from her family and is always in the courtroom. Oh, wait.


Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened at the end of the season. Andrea dramatically left for Dallas to reunite with a man that barely cares about her, leaving behind the other half of the Tiny Twins, twin sister Amanda. Amanda is now in Atlanta with no job prospects. The reunion saw Andrea taking up for a man that rarely claims her and has abandoned her with their two children numerous times. GIRL, PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF.

Next in Line for an Emmy – Nico, part-time rapper, part-time baby daddy

At the beginning of the season, I had high hopes Tanya and her tale of two baby daddies would bring us all the drama we could ever want. And my God did Nico (Tanya’s Baby Daddy #1) deliver. Nico gave us theatrics throughout the whole season, whether he was storming out on Tanya after living with her for only three days, tearfully confessing that he has a boyfriend (!) to Ms. Juicy, or my favorite moment, screaming self-righteously at the top of his lungs about Tanya’s wrongdoings during the reunion. As with the many trash baby daddies on this show, he doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatic to be a villain. However, Nico loves a stage and he knows how to deliver an epic performance. I LOVE HIM. Here’s hoping he’s back next season with his boyfriend.

Messiest Mama – Tammie

Minnie’s mom is such a bully. Every time she’s on the screen she brings rudeness and ratchetness that’s on a whole new level. This reunion saw her again commenting on the weight of the other little women (um), threatening to fight Ms. Juicy, Abira, and Tanya (which, Lord have mercy, would be some of the MOST unfair fights we would ever witness in our reality TV lifetimes) and claiming to be a protective Mama Bear to thirty something year old Minnie.

Let’s just call a ratchet mama, a ratchet mama. She and Minnie have a codependent relationship that manifests itself in many ways. The latest was the willingness to stealthily throw water on her daughter’s enemies as revenge. I was happy when they escorted her from the building. I hope they keep her in the background moving forward so Minnie can fight her own battles. Let us pray.

Girl, why are you here? – Abira the dancer (stripper)

Why do they invite people like Abira on this show? She reminds me of the other twins who shall not be named from last season – ratchet beyond belief. Abira showed up to the reunion to defend her terrible decision to heckle the Tiny Twins during their first hosting gig. She also tried defending her decision to fight them in the parking lot after that situation went left. This, as you can imagine, didn’t go well and ended with Abira doing her best Floyd Mayweather impression backstage. Lord.

 Always Hustling – Monie

Y’all saw Monie picking up the ones Minnie threw at Abira? #Goals

 Most Likely to be Left Behind – Amanda

You might think Amanda wins this because her twin abandoned her for a deadbeat baby daddy. I think the true abandonment process began when her boyfriend of two years celebrated their anniversary by hiring a saxophone player to serenade them during dinner. I’ve never felt for someone more. Stay strong, Amanda.

Most Likely to Connect with the Audience – Ms. Juicy aka the Queen of Atlanta

I love Ms. Juicy. And I connected with Ms. Juicy on a spiritual level while she took numerous swigs from her flask during the reunion. We all needed several drinks by the end of the reunion. Ms. Juicy let us know that it was okay to join in.


 Most Likely to Give Advice She Doesn’t Take Herself – Tanya

Tanya had so much advice for everyone about baby daddies. Which is understandable since she has two of them. But honestly, Tanya’s judgment is so suspect I feel like her advice should be limited to those healthy teas she’s shilling. Because after seeing both Niko and Von on those reunion couches I can safely say I would choose not to listen to any of her advice. Doesn’t seem optimal. 

 Sanest Individual – Sam

Sam wants to be a makeup artist. Sam moved to Atlanta to build up her brand. Sadly, she’s contending for airtime with some actual nuts on this show. Poor girl. Her makeup is amazing and I wish her the best. (And I hope she gets a legit storyline next season. It’s time.)

I hope to see you all next season! Or at least for Monie’s wedding special that is currently airing.