Our Dads Slay.

Thanks, Dad. We want to give it up for the Dads out there on Fathers Day. We are strong women who slay, but we have to not only thank our moms but also to our dads for teaching us how stand up and be heard.

Thank you, Dad for being my dad. For being my best friend and my hero. 

In life, we are either born with a great dad, provided one or have a father figure in your life. We have our moms who pulled double duty. I was blessed to have a great mom who has shown me how to be a strong and independent woman.  But l was also blessed with a great dad. My mom met my dad when I was five years old and married him. Yes, he's in legal terms is my 'stepdad, ' but in all honesty, he's my dad. He's my father. Yes, he adopted me. He stood up and took responsibility. He is my best friend who I will always respect for showing up and treating my mom like a queen and taking care of me as his own. He has shown my sister and me how a man should treat us and how we deserve only the best.  

My dad is funny, sweet soul and generous. With him and my mom, they showed my sister and me on how to be strong women who fight for what we believe in and demand equality.  Words will never express how blessed I am for having my dad be my dad. Thanks so much for letting me be your daughter. Thank you for treating my mom and every woman in your life as a goddess. 

Love you, dad. 

Chauncey WoodsComment