I had the privilege and the honor to talk to an incredible woman about a genius project that she created. Her name is Marcella Precise. She’s a music producer, a songwriter, a voiceover actress, a recording artist and most definitely a head turner. I would even say a game changer.

I’ve been a fan of hers for some years- not just as an artist, but as a person. She’s incomparable. She’s also the creator of The YaayYou Inner Beauty/Outer Wellness Blogazine. Precise has made her way into the world of Billboard’s top 10’s and Grammy award nominations. She’s a BMI Pop Award-winning songwriter. She’s ½ of the production/songwriting duo Lady And A Tramp with partner Terence “Tramp-Baby” Abney. They’ve worked with Pink, Jordin Sparks, Stacie Orrico, Luther Vandross, Charlie Wilson, Naughty By Nature, Jaheim, Musiq, Syleena Johnson, Madcon, and the list goes on.

One of my favorite things that Marcella has created is her Yaay-You: Notes to a self-audio album. I feel it was absolutely clever to create something that can uplift in an entirely different way outside of music. I asked her what inspired her to create it. She said, “I LOVE feeling capable. It's my daily approach to my joy. I believe it's okay to believe and I want to gift that same feeling to people I get the honor to talk with, for themselves. My outlook makes me grateful every day, no matter what. YAAY-YOU: NOTES TO SELF, the audio album is an extension of the inner beauty/outer wellness, YAAY-YO U-BLO GAZINE. The YAAY-YOU BLOGAZINE received over 2.1 mill views and I wanted to show my appreciation to the readers by giving more on a different platform everyone can listen to, any time of the day and on the go. It's really about people FEELING possible so they can treat each other good”.

    I found it incredibly impressive that it didn’t take Precise long at all to write, Yaay-YOU: NOTES TO SELF for the audio self-inspiration album. “I'm always emailing spontaneous notes to my friends, family and the followers of my music. I like to encourage people along their journey when I talk to them in person. Yaay-Sayers were saying that my outlook was priceless and that it helped them more than they could express. When someone called  to congratulate me for having over 13,000 streams on Spotify of  YAAY-YOU, I was like "YaaY, God is good."  I co-produced the background music with my super producer husband, Terence 'Tramp' Abney (Pink, Queen Latifah, Jaheim,) and that is also the music to the bonus tune at the end entitled "Be Free."”

    The audio album is sooo peaceful and relaxing. I asked her if she listened to it since she’s recorded it. “Of course I do! As a business woman, songwriter, producer and recording artist and every new day deserve a new reason to feel good. It only takes a minute or two to play one of the YAAY-YOU NOTES to get my energy aligned with my extended prayers. So grab a glass of carrot juice, wine or water and FEEL good as you repeat the words in a setting of your choice.

Because of the self-encouragement audio album, I was asked to create my YAAY-YOU workshops for amazing groups of awesome YaaY-Sayers. In the seminars, some practices support confidence, learning new things, optimism, new strengths and completing goals. Build the Love, Own your day! Listen after work and Own The Night! Speaking of "Own The Night," I am a co-writer and the featured artist of a tune with that title, produced by the multi-platinum streaming DJ's, The Tropixx. I may have manifested that fun opportunity with my love of music and working with kind, talented people. As of today, "Own The Night" reached over 560,000 streams, and I am grateful”.


    YAAY-YOU: NOTES TO SELF is on Soundcloud and Youtube at her YAAY-TUBE. “Looking forward to meeting everyone at the workshops, producing songs for other artists and also presenting other audio self-encouragement installments this summer!”

    If you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favor and do so. The audio album is a genius piece of work. But, that’s not surprising. It was created by an incredible woman who I’m sure is creating an outstanding legacy.

Jamie JonesComment