Rachel Lindsay

Well, tonight is the night. 

Rachel Lindsay will be our newest The Bachelorette on ABC. Let me not lie, I never really watched the show. Let me more clear; I know the show, the alums, the deep juicy secrets just because its EVERYWHERE on the internet and its hot gossip at work! So I am aware of it trust me, but I never sat down and watched it. I am the recap girl. 

Well tonight, it might be different I might watch the show live on ABC with the rest of world. Tonight marks the first time (yeah, you read that right) that a black woman will be the bachelorette. Well, it's about damn time. Rachel has made some important moves while she was on Nick Vali season she got so close to the end. She was the first black woman ever to get the "first impression" rose. Nick, knew she was a real one. But let's be honest she was way too good for Nick, and he knew it. (side note, I thought they were cute.)

I’m a black woman and I’m so happy to represent myself in that respect, but I don’t want it to be something that defines me and my journey for love,” she says. “I definitely don’t mind talking about it and addressing it.
— Rachel

We all now know all the facts of Rachel, 31 years-old, Texas born and a lawyer. She is beautiful, down to earth and honestly just a dope girl. Finally, ABC came to their damn senses and decided its time to explore a black woman making moves in the dating world, and hold up we deserve it! Its great to see a dope black girl making power moves on national television and finding love. Its good to see her dating and living her best life. It's amazing that we have this beautiful black woman being chased by so many diverse men. It's about damn time we see black men being real contestants on this show. Well, we all have seen the players for this upcoming season... so many questions. Come on now; these bios are hilarious.  Check out the lucky men here

Trust me I will revisit this topic halfway in the season and the very “Last Rose” episode. 

I am ready for this. It's about damn time.

Thank you, Rachel for being our girl and reppin' for us. 

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