A Letter To Mom

Dear Mom,

Hello! my superwoman in disguise, I know that this is something that all the daughters feel when they look at their mothers but for me it’s different. Your one woman army made me, where others need a whole lot of people.

I’ve seen you grow as a person.  When you taught me to walk,  learned to match steps and taught me to speak. You learned how to love someone more than yourself. You sent me to school and realized the pain of not seeing me for 3 hours was even more painful than labor.

I know I made your life miserable! It’s not easy being a mom at the age of 18 but you managed it somehow and someway, that too single-handed.


I know you wanted me gone in the first two months of your pregnancy itself but someone convinced you to keep me, and you did. We had nights where we wailed and wept all night - Me, cause I was a baby and you, cause you were a child who just entered adulthood - and grandma took us in her care and nurtured us.

She taught you not only to be a great mother but to become strong and independent which she aspired to be someday but couldn’t.

People get their best friends for life at different times of their lives, but I got one, the time I came into this world wailing and crying.
You pushed me out and smiled ear to ear while in pain. You knew you found your best friend, but all these years, you waited for me to realize it.  As the time passed and slowly I realized that the one perfect soul who was meant to be my best friend was right here with me all this while.

Your life revolves around me, and you can’t see beyond me, but that is not how I want you to be! I want you to live your life, and maybe I don’t get it and I will when I become a mother someday.

Become carefree and don't make everybody’s burden as yours! You need to live the life you missed when I came into this world!

So to all the shots that we are going to take at the bar and all those places we are going visit and get drunk, to the times where I’ll keep my promise to never try any new drink without you!

Cheers with loads of hugs, food & talks!

Khushi GiriComment