Ruba Abu-Nimah

Finally!! Girl Bosses Stand Up! Queen Ruba has arrived! 

Our #WCW goes to Ruba Abu-Nimah. I am a huge fan of our creative work and dope style. I have followed her career over the past few years and was extremely excited to hear this fashion news! 

Ruba Abu-Nimah has been named the creative director of Elle Magazine. Her new role marks the first time the American edition, launched in 1985, will have a woman in the influential visual role.

“We’re thrilled to have the first female creative director, but that’s not why we are hiring her,”
“Her work speaks for itself.”
— editor-in-chief Robbie Myers.

She is currently the global creative director for beauty brand Shiseido. She’s also previously worked in Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for eight years.

I am still shocked that she is the first woman being named as the creative director at Elle Magazine.  We as women have proven to time after time we are a force to be reckoned with! We are strong and creative souls who strive to better ourselves and our tribe. 

Please check out  Ruba Abu-Nimah Portfolio and Instagram. She will begin her new journey over at Elle Magazine May 15th. 

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