Dear 18-Year-Old Me

You will be fine, just wait and see.


Your A Levels are important. I know that. Your achievements will satisfy you, and you deserve to satisfy yourself. I accept that. But don’t beat yourself up over the ‘D’ you receive, it is not the end of the world. Your grades do not measure your intelligence, exams are nothing but a memory game. So don’t push yourself over the edge studying just learn how to trust yourself, because you will survive no matter what. You can only give your best. 


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Now listen, It’s ok if your crush doesn't like you. You like you, your friends like you and your family like you; a crush will only fade over time. You probably won’t even find him attractive, or even remember him 5 years from now. In fact, you will be pleased to know that you certainly don’t, so turn that frown upside down. You have a lifetime to find a good guy. Ok! You don’t need to settle down right now. So start your journey towards self-love because boys will always be there. 

‘You are only young once.' Yes, exactly. Now is the time to take risks. Now is the time to build your self-brand. Now is the time to live. So, get out there; invest in yourself, and never stop bettering yourself. Get lost in the books that will help you grow. Wander aimlessly around the places you’ve never been before. Join a student club and volunteer, even if your friends don’t want to because your comfort zone will only obstruct you. Learn how to learn for you.

Look. I know the party scene is all new and exciting, but you don’t have to waste your youth doing just that. Focus on discovering yourself. You don’t have to be like everyone else because you are not a sheep. Network, network, network and hold onto the ones who add value to your life. They are most important. You may think you have your whole career mapped out, but life can change at anytime. And fortunately for you, it does.

Ok. Last advice. Hear me out. Live within your means. All the fancy items that you’ve been purchasing will only come out of style. And all the money that you’ve been splashing will only disappoint your future self. Now is the time to learn how to make your money work for you. Now is the time not to splash, now is the time to stack. Now is the time to lay your foundation.
Now is the time to budget. So, stop worrying about how you got into debt, and start focusing on how to get out.

Now give yourself a round of applause for making it this far. I know you have grown women strength and are striving for success. Plus, I know you have found your purpose, and are creating the life that you want. But you will lose yourself, and you will find yourself again - that is the cycle of life.


Your 24-year-old self

Tene Edwards2 Comments