I Love Myself.

Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else

Yes, I do. I always loved myself, but now I love everything about myself. I love it all.

I am a natural over thinker and anxiety driven person. I use to worry about little things all the time. I worried about people's opinions of me and my “flaws.” I want to say thank you to everyone who told me that other people's opinions don't matter and to be yourself.


I am in my late-twenties now and can honestly say I am happy. I might not be where society believes I should be at this age aka  “social standard” is in life, you know married, with kids, etc, but I am happy. I used to worry that I am not married yet or not at a particular place in my career or that my gut can be visible in this shirt.

I am a work in progress, and I am striving to be the best version of me. I don’t need anyone else to define me.

I know for a fact now that I am not ready to be married or to have kids just yet, but that time will come, and it will be beautiful. I now know that my career is striving and I am proud of myself. I know now that my body is extremely beautiful and I have a natural glow that is wonderful. I am going wear that dress and if my little gut shows then so be it. I still look good because I feel good inside.

Thank you to my parents for always reminding me to love myself and not to let society bring you down. They are the real MVPS.

So remember ladies, you are amazing. Please start loving everything about yourself.

Chauncey WoodsComment