If Love Doesn’t Feel Like An 90s R&B Love Song… Then Please Take it Away.

We all know that feeling. the feeling when you hear a real throwback 90s R&B song on the radio. You turn your speakers up and belt the song like you’re on stage. 

Let’s be honest 90s R&B music was the best music. I might be biased since I was born in 88. Looking at the newest biopic from BET The New Edition Story and it made me fall in love with all the music all over again. I remember growing up, and my parents would play all the 90s hits. 

I feel like 90s music defines love. It was soulful and intense. I want a love that is intense and beautiful. It makes your soul feel alive. I am getting older, and I am tired of flings or the games of dating. I want the love that you feel when you hear a  Boyz II Men  song. I want a relationship that gives you that same emotion and is pure. 

Here is the full roundup of some of the best 90s R&B Classics.

Did your favorite song make the list?.

Chauncey WoodsComment