Oprah Says She Wouldn’t Have Been A Good Mom…

I disagree. I don’t know Oprah personally... yet (smile), but everything that I have ever heard of or read about her has always been positive.

I don’t think you can be as brilliant of a person as she is, so intelligent, big hearted and generous and not share that light. This is a woman who wants everyone to have whatever she enjoys.

I believe that she thinks she wouldn’t have been a good mom because she didn’t get an opportunity to bond with her baby that died just weeks after birth. And, in addition to that; her circumstances at such a young age played a part in her misunderstanding of what motherhood would have been to her. Being a parent is not for everyone. I’m not challenging her decision in any way. I’m only sharing my thoughts on her opinion of how she feels she would have disappointed her child. I think her child would have loved her even more than the world does.

She’s so full of wisdom. Of course, she would’ve instilled that in her child. She may always judge herself based on what she is to the world now. I’m quite sure; her schedule is busy. If she would have had the privilege of raising her son, we may not have known the “Oprah” that we are aware now. Her son would have that part of her. But, her fans would have received the remaining light that lingered from her priorities- still beautiful.

Example, did you know that the moon doesn’t make its light? When you look at the sky at night, that beautiful moon is bright because of the sun’s light. The sun beams and gives us the perfect view of the moon in the night’s sky.

My point? She could’ve shared her lingering light. I wonder if she’s ever thought about it in that way? I wonder if this could be her “aha” moment? I wonder if any of her mom friends have had a similar thought? I wonder if she knows she’s already a mother? She was a mother before she opened up opportunities to those beautiful girls in South Africa to go to school. She was a mother when her baby’s heart started to beat. She was a mother when she delivered her baby at fourteen. And, she was a mother after her baby passed away.

As I reflect on that article, I doubt seriously that her child would have had to suffer for her career. Based on what I “know” her to be in my head, I don’t think her heart would have allowed her to color outside the lines of her character. Reportedly, she had so much “pain and shame” due to her pregnancy that was brought on my a series of devastating events. I feel that if her son who she reportedly named, Canaan had survived; they would have bonded on the strongest level knowing that neither he or she is what happened to her. But, I am glad to know that she let go of shame and grew from the pain that didn’t belong to her. We can’t control everything that happens, but we can control how we deal with it. 

But, after all; I am just an Oprah fan. I hope my opinions don’t offend anyone in any way. That’s not my intentions. I’m writing this blog post out of love. It’s meant to uplift and maybe enlighten. 

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

All I’m trying to say is that Oprah appears to be an incredible woman and I’m sure she would have been an even better mother.     

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