This Christmas May You...

This Christmas may you...

Remember what love means. As those that surround you fill your heart with the warmth of joy. As smiles light the faces of ones you haven't seen in awhile. And as you look upon all that makes up your life.

Know your kindness matters. In a world so focused on themselves know that compassion matters. So that you may see first hand the power of a simple smile or feel what it means to give a little extra of yourself. So that you may understand your blessings and continue to spread them to those who are still looking for theirs.

Cherish the small moments. The sound of laughter, the first sip of coffee, and the sound of excitement as you watch your loved one's open gifts. The feeling of the warm fire as you watch your favorite Christmas movies. The snuggles on the coach as you attempt to put new toys together. The feeling of love that surrounds you on this one special day.

Take the time. Stop rushing, marking off lists, and worrying about getting from one place to the next. Take the time to step back and be grateful for all that you have and all that you are. Be present and enjoy the very moment right in front of you for it is these that make us who we are and what memories are made of.

Feel the magic. So that you are never too old to fall for the magic of Christmas. To see the twinkle of lights that illuminate your neighborhoods and simply think "wow." To hear your favorite Christmas song on the radio and turn it up louder. Never grow so old that you forget the excitement that comes with Christmas or forget the power of Santa and his reindeer. Never lose sight of the spirit of Christmas and the whimsy that fills the air.

This Christmas may you create cherished memories, build stronger communities, love one another through your differences, and give more. 

From all of us to you, Merry Christmas.


Heather YoungComment