3 Tips For Pushing Past the Fear

2017 so far has been very uncomfortable for me. From shifting deeper into adulthood to moving into my first apartment, 2017 has been a year of beautiful but difficult first moments. I found myself becoming latched onto fear instead of faith.

In August I had to confront and overcome a difficult challenge, which ultimately led me to grow in ways I didn’t think was possible. Looking back, I often think to myself, “How was I able to overcome that challenge while remaining graceful, professional and respectful?” I simply believed that I could do it, without clinging on to fearful voice in my head saying quit.

Since then I vowed to myself that I will not be overwhelmed with fear but instead use it to propel me forward.

So how can you push past the fear? Read my three tips on how to eliminate internal blocks to enhance your living quality.

Assess the situation and then act on it—What about this specific situation is concerning you or has you feeling uneasy? Address it head-on by becoming solution orientated. What are things you can do to shed light on this problem to gain more understanding and a resolve?

Don’t let fear determine your actions—Take a step and think holistically about the situation at hand. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Define your own life for yourself—Don’t follow the pack. You have the power within yourself to co-create the life that’s intended for you. Even if the process feels scary, remember to put one foot forward and start out small to gain momentum.

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