Why Your Home Needs a "Me" Zone

A home is an intimate sanctuary from the troubles of the outside world.

However, with time and inevitable change, such as having children, it can often feel more like a war zone than a stress-free environment. And that’s okay, you don’t need an entire house all for yourself.

But you shouldn’t relinquish every square inch either. Humans are social creatures, and no one, not even the most introvert of gals can dwell too long in solitude without a need to interact with other people. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need your space, your own “me zone” where you can regroup, recuperate and charge your proverbial batteries.

Here is why your home desperately needs a “me zone” and how you can easily create one yourself.


Let’s get one thing straight ladies, there is nothing wrong with needing and wanting your own space and there is no need to feel guilty about it. No matter if you have a partner or a family of five, creating a personal space in your home is essential for your emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

And there is nothing wrong with wanting something all for yourself. As women, our beliefs, values, and virtues are constantly being contorted to fit the patriarchal mold, to fit someone else’s views and correlate with foreign norms. This has to stop, and fighting for your right to have a “me zone” is the first step.



So where do you think this place should be, where do you think you can feel safe, at peace and vulnerable enough to take a journey inwards without being confronted by pending chores and nagging family members? This doesn’t have to be a large area, it doesn’t even need to be a separate room, and it shouldn’t have to do anything with the size of your house.

It only has to do with what you believe is comfortable for you. So how ‘bout a corner of the living room where you can mount floating shelves or a modular desk to fit your laptop, the books you’re currently reading and your favorite flowers? Have you thought of repurposing an old wardrobe in your bedroom, stripping down the door, pulling up a chair, and making your own DIY workstation? Or how about a comfy kitchen bench nobody ever uses?

The possibilities are endless; just dare to make the first step.



One of the most crucial steps is creating a space that truly feels like it’s yours. The kind of space your kids find yucky and your husband simply doesn’t understand, so they stay clear of it. So, you want to separate the area from the rest of the décor by putting a unique rug underneath, or mounting your favorite artwork above the computer.

This is where uniqueness needs to shine, so use decorations, natural elements and colorful custom framing to your advantage in order to imbue the space with personality and flair. By incorporating greenery, decorating with your favorite nick nags, and framing inspirational quotes in hues that contrast the walls, you will have effectively created your very own invisible fortress of peace and positivity.



As you have probably noticed by now, this doesn’t have to be an expensive project, and it’s absolutely doable if you’re working on a budget. However, you can splurge if you have the resources by buying new furniture or decorative elements for your “me zone”.

That said, there is nothing quite like creating something truly unique, rich, and inspiring with limited resources, so try to stick to the aforementioned solutions if spiritual satisfaction is what you seek.



Finally, a proper “me zone” is not complete without a set of ground rules everyone in the house, even the dog, will follow. When you’re in your personal space, nobody can touch you, nobody can call for you, and nobody can disturb you. Doesn’t the thought of it seem wonderful?

This will take some getting used to for other family members, but in time they will learn to respect your needs as a woman, and not regard you as just as a mother and a wife that serves every beck and call.

It’s not easy being a mom, partner, or wife in the 21st century. Now is the time to empower yourself and make a healthy step forward towards creating a healing sanctuary for yourself in your home, a place where you can wash the troubles of everyday life away and let happiness reign in your mind, body, and soul.

Olivia JonesComment