Cali Meets NYC: Long Distance Relationships Part 1

As a hopeless romantic, I am an extremely private person especially in my dating life so writing this is completely out the norm. Over the years, while living in California I have "mastered" the art of online dating thanks to a roommate recommendation. Date after date I found myself with "Jose" as my best friend, Nia calls them ending up in a relationship void of feeling. The moment I stopped searching for love, is exactly when love actually found me. 

After a number of conversations with Nia, she told me she knows someone who would be perfect for me, Neil a funny, intelligent and charismatic veteran from New York. After texting back and forth with Neil we decided to meet. How was this going to happen? I lived in the Bay Area and he lives in Queens. I already pre-planned a trip for mid September to visit my family in Syracuse and it was the perfect time to meet up with Neil. Unfortunately, my uncle passed away September 11th and the occasion turned into a reminder that today is never promised. 

Neil was supportive to someone he only knew through a few phone calls and text messages. It was a kindness that I hadn't seen in a very long time. I gathered up my strength to meet him in Time Square. We instantly clicked and it was like I knew him my whole entire life. My visit was short, but memorable and I couldn't wait until we saw each other again.


Being back in the Bay over the next few months, our frequent text messages grew into phone calls sometimes lasting over four hours long. It's really funny because I never really liked talking on the phone all too much, until I met Neil. We laughed, listened to one another and talked about any and everything. For the first time in a very long time I was happy. 

I made a trip back to the east coast in December and of course wanted to see Neil. We made plans for New Year's Eve and unbeknownst to me Neil was going to ask me to be his girlfriend. After dinner we were walking around in Harlem and he told me he wanted to ask me a question. Well, needless to say we brought in the New Year as a couple! 

Wondering how we were going to make this work being thousands of miles apart. We learned that communication is key in any relationship especially long-distance. We continually had long phone conversations, through busy schedules and the time difference we started falling in love. We are soulmates in every way possible. 

In April, I made a decision and moved back to the east coast for my career. While we are still not in the same city we see each other more frequently. After meeting each other's family and spending holidays, birthdays and having numerous dates we have grown closer as a couple. Everyday, I learn something about Neil I didn't know and fall deeper into love. He is the most supportive, caring and loving boyfriend I could of ever asked for. 

As our first anniversary approaches, we continue to work on communication everyday. The love grows stronger and my admiration for him grows immensely. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. Stay tuned for Part 2 as this is only the beginning.