New Year, Who Dis?

Hello, 2017. New year, Who Dis?

Finally, you have arrived.

Everyone always says January 1- New Year, New Me. The lies we tell ourselves each year. That mantra lasts for about 2 weeks and then its back to the old me.  Don't get me wrong I need to take myself back to the gym as soon as possible. Not because I want to look a certain way but I want to be healthier. I know I am tired of breathing heavily after walking up stairs.

Honestly, I believe that you don't have to change yourself completely but just cut out negativity and keep working on being a dope woman. Negativity in your life can harm your girl boss lifestyle.  Those fake friends, horrible co-workers, and the constant self-doubt you can let that go in 2017.

The fake friends who only come around when they need something, the co-worker who makes you feel like you are not good at your job-- toodles to them. Just let them go. Don't let that negative energy affect your life. Apparently, they don't care about you.

You have to stay true to yourself and know that 2017 is meant to better yourself; whatever it may be just working on living that girl boss mantra. You don't have to please everyone just yourself. Be selfish with your time and put out good vibes.

Happy New Year!


Chauncey WoodsComment