2016. never again

Finally, 2016 is almost over.

The year that a lot of people can all agree on that this year was shocking. It took some losses and so much more.  Without speaking about our personal life -- the media has been on some real BS. We all have seen the memes of how we start all joyful and excited for 2016 and then you see the end of 2016 looking for the light of 2017 to approach us finally.

The Presidential Election. No need to discuss because we have all suffered enough.

I should've known this year was going be a BIG L. (i.e., BIG LOST).- The Golden State Warriors lost the NBA Finals after an incredible season. The San Francisco Giants didn't win the World Series this year (which we’ve won every two years since 2010) we all should've known this year was going be full of disappointments. Also the Oakland Raiders were on the path of greatness and we just lost our QB Derek Carr to a damn injury right before playoffs. Well the Niners season has been a bust -- no need to discuss. 

On the media side, we lost prominent celebrities. Like c'mon, we lost David Bowie, Prince, Gene Wilder, Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest), Anton Yelchin, boxing legend Muhammad Ali and that was just the beginning of the year. We lost Alan Thicke just a few weeks ago. Not to mention we lost legendary movie and television stars, music and fashion icons, an astronaut and well we just lost a bunch of people. Let's just say the Academy of Awards Memorial will be longer than last year for sure. While I write this, we are praying they don't take Carrie Fisher who just suffered a heart attack. I am a huge Star Wars fan, so this is just sad. Also we just lost 80s pop icon George Michael on Christmas Day. 2016 really?

Celebrity couples broke up left and right. No couple was safe this year. Toodles to Brangelina. The Walking Dead and How To Get Away With Murder shattered hearts. Not even your favorite television characters were safe on screen. 

Also, we lost our reality queen Kim Kardashian. She has been absent from our social media world. We miss you. You can leave Kanye behind right now after his antics he can be left behind. Even if you hate the Kardashians you know, you miss talking/complaining about them.

So goodbye 2016-- it's time to go away. I pray that next year is full of personal happiness and no need to take anymore L’s.

Happy New Years! We can’t wait to see you January 1, 2017.

Chauncey WoodsComment