Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life


The long awaited revival of Gilmore Girls has finally arrived and I am here to give you the scoop. If you don't remember this show from the early 2000s you have been living under a rock. The witty banter, impeccable mother-daughter relationship and the ups and downs are packed into an hour spanning seven seasons long. Well, the ending was sort of just there. It completely left things up in the air about Rory and if Lorelai and Luke's kiss really reunited them. After disappointing die-hard fans, Gilmore Girls returned for A Year in the Life, a four part series or should I say seasons on life now. 

After watching, there are a few behavioral inconsistencies with Emily and Rory. However, learning that Richard has passed away four months prior it warrants some irrational behavior from Emily like wearing jeans, quitting the DAR, getting a job and moving. As irrational as it may seem Emily learns that she doesn't have to deal with death how people want her to, but how she needs to deal with it. It was pleasant to see Emily coming into her own independence after Richard's death. 

Think about the stage Rory is in her life, she is completely in-between everything. She doesn't want to feel like a failure by moving back home and wants to continue her blossoming career as a journalist, but is not sure that is her anymore. It kind of explains her behavior as well with the non-commitmental. I have always been #teamJess, so when I saw that she was sleeping with Logan, her engaged ex-boyfriend I was rather confused. I know that Logan came at a rather good time for her during the original series. He bought out the spontaneity in her that we hadn't seen in her character before.  It was nice to see that again, but after having her sleep with Dean (who was married) and now Logan (engaged) it just seemed like she should have learned her lesson. 

The cameos were a little weird with Paul Anka (actually pretty great), Roy Choi and Rachel Ray as it wasn't really a thing that was throughout Gilmore Girls so it seemed odd. It bothered me so much, that Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) was only in the last season for all of five minutes. Sookie and Lorelai's relationship was one of my favorites and although throughout all the series Lorelai is pining for Sookie's friendship we are still left with no Sookie.

All of Stars Hollow town favorites make their way into the series just as we remembered them with the snakiness of Michel, Taylor's town enthusiasm, Kirk's quirkiness, Patty and Gypsy's gossip, Lane, Paris and of course Luke. Well, Luke and Lorelai are like suspected together, but not married. Knowing they both want marriage, but are content with the current situation. Learning from years past, Lorelai takes a personal trip to find what she wants out of life (personal and career) only to find what she has been searching for was what right in front of her. In true Lorelai fashion, they wed the night before the wedding. 

Ready to celebrate, Rory and Lorelai sit on the town's gazebo steps as they have done many times before and Rory utter's four unforgettable words. 

'Mom, I am pregnant...'

Huh? Why have you left me up in the air again. Rory had just started what seemed to be her passion project with a book called 'Gilmore Girls' based on her and her mother's life together. Now to leave it like this. I am baffled and am left wanting more. 

All in all, I'm not sure whether if I was just super excited for the series or if it was extremely good. Either way here's to hopinh for a recurring series and a conclusion.