Goodbye To My Habits

As I am getting older, I realized that some habits that I need to quit before I turn 30 in a couple of years. Next year will be my last year in my 20s.  It's creepy I just looked at the calendar, and I will be 29 in January. I can’t believe it after 25 it just went by so damn fast.

I read this great post by Advice From A Twenty Something.  She gave insight on the five habits to break in your twenties. Out of her five habits, 3 habits called to my attention.


I am a people pleaser. I might seem all strong and mighty, but I want to see people I love happy. I give in. I would want to say no, but I know if I say yes it’s just easier. No drama. I found that I am just causing more damage to myself, not having a voice. I need to stand up for my needs and wants. So I am going try harder to say no to things that I am not 100% for sure.


I have the worst sleep patterns. Either I am too tired or too awake. I am always too tired in the daytime and awake all night. I watch re-runs of Law and Order: SVU at night. I run off no sleep most days, and I am fine. But as I am getting older I realized I am not the same girl from graduate school who could run off less than 4 hours of sleep and coffee. I realized my body couldn't handle it, physically and mentally.


I’ve learned over the years that I need to save money. I love to shop I can't deny it. But finally, I decided to make a budget calendar. I now track my income and how I will spend it on bills, savings, etc. It keeps me responsible and on a strict budget. I used to be scared to make a budget and look at my bills including credit cards and student loan debt. But after finally doing it I feel so much better about my savings account flourishing.


I am a worrier. I feel like it must be genetic because every woman in my family is a worrier. I overthink a lot about everything, and it causes a lot of anxiety. I need to learn to breathe and just have faith everything it is okay. Lately, I have been working on trusting in faith to not worry. I am learning how to go with the flow. I also have been practicing yoga and take time out each day just to read a book instead of being stressed out with the phone, work or just anything. Take time out for you will help.


Am I good enough? Why didn’t that job work out? Why didn’t he text me back yet?  Yes, I doubt myself. Everyone has self-doubt, and it’s not healthy. I want to stop doubting myself. I know I should be more confident in myself and know my worth. I know for a fact that I am going continued to work on this so I can believe myself and know that I am good enough.

What habits do you need to break?

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