Finally, Twitter?

Finally, you take a stance. I just read an article about how Twitter is finally taking a stance on Hate Speech. I believe in the freedom of speech, but I do not believe in bullying. Cyber bullying is disgusting. We had so many people in the past year reported the hatred they felt and saw on Twitter and no one did a damn thing. Even celebrities were apart of this hateful bullying. We all saw the presidential election.

Other social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram had added safety updates to prevent these issues. Finally, Twitter took note. But even though its not stopping hate speech its just muting what you see. Interesting huh? 

Refinery 29 notes: 

Whether Twitter will execute on this promise is the key question at stake here. Yes, a user can report a violation, but will the company take action in a timely, effective manner? The company said that it has "retrained support teams" to be better equipped to deal with issues as they arise. Nevertheless, a "culture of collective support" sounds more dreamy than it does realistic.

This quote is dreamy. Just a dream. From personal experience, I have seen the support teams not aware of popular culture issues. In one meeting one person asked who George Zimmerman was? Well, let me think. I'm not saying you have to be socially aware 24/7, but if you work in a company based on social media and hashtags you need to be. Stay woke. Be aware. 

Muting is the only solution? Twitter is not taking action its just distancing itself from the ugly spawn they finally want to get rid of. A ugly spawn they let roam around for too long. Never addressing the issues but passing by it. 

Hopefully, this is a step forward Twitter is handling to secure and provide a safe outlet for their subscribers and to fix up their failing social media outlet. But I will wait. 

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