Characteristics Of An HBIC

This world of ours may be ran by men but not for long. Women are climbing that ladder, shattering those ceilings, and making themselves known. And to that I say

“It’s about damn time.”

For too long we’ve fought to be seen as powerful, strong, and capable. Although that fight still continues there is one term that I’ve completely fallen in love with and wear with pride. If you haven’t guessed it you need to read the title again.

Yes! I’m talking about HBIC aka Head Bitch In Charge aka I’m the Boss!

It’s funny because to me it’s easy to refer to someone as a boss. But to refer to someone as an HBIC…I stop, recognize, and appreciate. Because I know that she’s a boss with some attitude and I already love it.

So what makes an HBIC? Well let me tell you they come in all shapes, sizes, and looks. However there are a few characteristics that set them apart from the others.


I love me some confidence with a side of attitude. It's actually funny... you see whenever I picture this combination I just see this powerful bad ass of a woman with enough swag to command a room. I've always considered this combination deadly. It lets everyone around you know you're strong, you don't pay, and your capable of anything.

Don't get me wrong there is a delicate balance between being cocky and confident. Let's be honest being cocky to the point it's rude isn't a good look on anyone, even if you're bad girl RiRi herself. You can have your attitude with your confidence and still remain gracious. 


Every HBIC has vision. We see what's front of us and all the potential that lies ahead. Vision equal direction and when an HIBC has best get out of the way!

One of the things that makes an HBIC different is that once she knows what she wants there is no stopping her. If you're down to ride she is more than willing to have you aboard - that's if you work hard and share the same vision. And well if you don't then you better move fast because she will run you over without hesitation.


Beauty, brains, and power. I don't know about you but that sounds like a chick I'd like to kick it with. Not every HBIC may have a college degree to back up her amazing mind but you best believe she's smart.

I like to say the way an HBIC thinks is a mixture of street smarts, book smarts, and BOSS smart. She knows how to hustle and work hard. She's intelligent, never afraid to tackle the unknown and will always lead.


She gives respect to those that it 100. HBIC's absolutely have zero time for haters and players. So I know I appreciate, and probably you do to, when someone can keep it real with you. In return not only do they have your respect but you keep it real with them.

An HBIC is respect not just for her powerful presence and straight up boss-ness but because she remains humble while working to create what others have deemed impossible.

Makes the Rules

Quite honestly by now this should be a slap in your face. Of course every HBIC makes the rules if they didn't they wouldn't be an HBIC to begin with.


Heather YoungComment