BANKS the Goddess of Dark R&B

I am an avid music lover. You know those girls who can quote any song lyric like its nothing. I can quote any Tribe Called Quest lyric to James Bay like it’s a part of my dialogue. Just wait till you hear me drop a Drake lyric. I just love music.

Now let us talk about the voice of the hour. –BANKS

BANKS is that girl you wish you knew in real life. Like can we just kick it?

BANKS is my ultimate music crush. She has that thing that makes music just flows.  She has that dark R&B feeling to her music. The raspy of her vocals are overpowering and captivating with pure emotion. Her lyrics are on some hardcore shit. Her music is just real and has that smooth sex appeal to it.

I first heard of BANKS a few years ago when I was looking for background music for a video I was editing for class. One of my best friends suggested BANKS. After listening to a few of her songs I knew she was about to be on my Spotify. She just has this crazy vocal flow that is rare to hear from any up and coming artist.

By the way, this girl is from Orange County and this girl reminds me of the girls you would think were from San Francisco or NYC.  Her style is just savage and dope. You wish you had this girl in your crew.

If you haven’t listened to her before take this as some shit you need to do now.

Her new album is now out called The Altar.