So She Slays + Bomb AF Collab

For as long as I can remember taking a bath has been my escape from the world.

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I loved baths as a child. Well, not enough to want to come in from playing outside. When my mom finally called me in and got me into a warm bath filled with all my favorite toys, I was a happy camper. I remember fondly struggling to stay still while my mom washed my hair. I would play in the tub until all of my fingers and toes were pruney. Negotiating 5 more minutes of bath time long after my water had started to chill

As an adult, I find myself in the bathtub more days than I am not. Long stressful day? Take a bath. Great day full of joy? Take a bath. A roommate of mine used to tease me that she always knew how my day went if I was eating dinner in the bathtub - that meant it had been a particularly tough day. On tough days, combining my love for food and love of a bth is an absolute must to beat the stress of the day.

How Bomb AF was Born

People say necessity is the mother of all invention, which is definitely applicable to my story. A few years back, I started creating my own bath products after several failed attempts to use what was readily available to the market. I even had some custom made for my sensitive skin and vagina, but it didn’t matter what I tried. I always left the tub with the beginnings of an infection. I had had enough. I began making my own bath products where I could guarantee pure, organic ingredients that were gentle enough for my sensitive body. Once I perfected my recipes, I got to thinking that other people might also like these products. And that is how Bomb AF was born.


Products focused on and marketed to women are aplenty. But if we look across the female-centric landscape, we find a plethora of options that are largely about someone’s bottom line and not about the actual end consumer or user experience, nor are product offerings in line with what women have asked for or demanded. Women, with significant purchasing power as individuals and within the family unit, are marketed to for the sales potential. But what are these ‘for her’ products amounting to when it comes to designing products for humans with vaginas? In today’s world, the word ‘woman’ is certainly not synonymous with ‘humans with vaginas’. Yet, when we examine traditional marketing tactics, that is most certainly what ‘for her’ and ’woman friendly’ is intended to mean when slapped on a product label – “this product is designed for humans with vaginas”. But in most cases, the end product is nothing more than fancy marketing speak.


A Better Bath Bomb Experience

Bomb AF bath bombs are made with USDA Certified Organic oils and flower petals, natural baking soda, pure epsom and Himalayan Pink Salt.  Bomb AF is vegan, non-GMO, contains no dyes, no perfumes, no animals are tested on in the creation of this product, and each product comes with a full listing of ingredients. Each product also comes with a full ingredients listing and suggested use for the woman looking for a curated bath experience.  

When it came time to name my bath company, I knew exactly what type of branding I wanted the name to embody. One of my favorite things to say is,

“My hobbies include writing, reading, and telling other women they are Bomb AF”


Bath bombs specifically made to be vagina friendly; Bomb AF was an easy decision to make. The marketing practically writes itself. When I market what I market, I mean it. I made this product with a laser focus on creating a bath product that would be great for us.

Are you Ready for a Better Bath Experience?

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