Creating Your Own Lane: Interview with Marisa Johnson


In November, we were invited to attend the She Is Speaker Series: A Conversation with Karen Civil hosted by LA Create Space. Marisa Johnson has worked Beats by Dre, with Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, and Floyd Mayweather. Marisa is also one of the founders of the She Is Speaker Series, a forum built to spark meaningful conversations and cultivate lasting relationships through intimate conversations. She is also the owner of LA Create Space, and face behind the My Wife is a Vegan brand. It’s safe to say she is a POWERHOUSE.

We decided to sit down with, Marisa Johnson to tap into her insight navigating through male dominated fields, balancing work and life, personal development.

Marisa, what is your own personal experience as a woman in business? What struggles have you run into?

Being a woman in business comes with its ups and downs.  In the beginning the sense to prove myself obviously weighed heavy on me running into situations where my value wasn’t appreciated by my managers. I struggled with my worth and over compensated by over delivering with no real return.


How important is it to surround yourself with strong, motivated women? How did you go about cultivate your own group of strong, motivated women?

I believe it’s the key to spiritual and professional growth. The ability to be nurtured by another woman was so important to my confidence level and the ability to make power moves.  To have another woman to bounce ideas off of and let down your guard with was a turning point in my personal development.

What is some advice you can give to women trying to make it in a male dominated industry?

DO YOUR RESEARCH! Always know the facts and stick to them. Separate yourself from the norm and go out your way to do what you and only you specialize in!


What are some of the biggest lesson you've learned as a woman in business?

To let my feelings get in the way of business.  I personally saw everyone as a friend but most male dominated industries are just that DOMINATING!  It is a game I had to learn quick.

Describe your SLAY. How do you slay everyday?

Wake up thanking God for another day to SLAY!

Want to learn more about Marisa? Check out her recent article in Forbes.

Follow Marisa on her journey @sheismarisaj & @mywifeisvegan.

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