"We drew up a business plan that day and three days later I (Kait) quit my job and two days after that we got our first client. We kinda feel like we've been shot out of a cannon."

Meet the dynamic duo Kait and Kat better known as KaitKat Creative Content. Bridging the gap between social media and creative content to help cultivate a bad ass social presence for fashion brands. These lovely ladies are dominating their new lives as women entrepreneurs and we got the chance to speak to them as they're riding the high of doing what they love while helping others. Sigh...

To set the stage in a sense, imagine being able to work along side your best friend. You know the person that finishes your sentences, gets what you're saying without even really having to say it, and is pretty much the yin to your yang. That is exactly how Kait and Kat are combined with lots of smiles and good humor.


KAT: So I was a performer and traveled the world and actually became a photographer while I as living in Japan. And I've been doing it ever since and about 5 or 6 years ago I started specializing in beauty, lifestyle, and music portraiture. Then I ended up meeting Kait in New York. 

KAIT: So my background, I was a ready to wear buyer for Barney's New York for awhile, worked at a few other places and moved out to Los Angeles to become a luxury buyer. And as much as I loved buying I was missing the creative aspect so I started my blog and really started learning about social media and photography. So when brands sent me their look books I would love them and then I would go onto Instagram and look at their following and see that they didn't really have a cohesive message and didn't know what they were really doing. And at the time I was kinda feeling like I wanted to leave buying and I was talking with Kat and she was like...

KAT: I was like you're so good at social media I feel like you could help people do that and elevate them. And then I was like, casually, (laughing) "oh and if they need content you can book me and I'll shoot the content."

KAIT: And I was like okay that could be cool. So one day later I was talking to my brother who is an entrepreneur and he was like "Wait Kait that's a business idea right there. You and Kat social media and creative content." And I was like "Ohhh my gosh." So we created the business plan that day and three days later I quit my job and two days after that we had our first client.



KAIT: Yeah! We always say that Instagram is like your electronic business card. So when someone goes to your page they're only gonna do like two swipes and that's it. So in those two swipes they need to see and understand exactly who you are as a brand and if they don't they are probably on to the next brand. We also say consistency is super important! Instagram has an algorithm that basically means if you aren't posting consistently your followers will have less and less of a chance of seeing your account pop up on their feed. And there are a few ways you can conquer the algorithm and we give way more detail in our meetings with clients but for sure consistency is key aka they need a lot of content.

KAT: So for someone who just wants to dip their toe in the water we do a strategy where we customize and give them recommendations to go after but there are 7 different points we use like how to utilize Insta stories and how that will change the algorithm and how to have a cohesive esthetic. So yeah we have all kinds of tips and we can go on forever. We also offer a class on how to take imagery for Instagram with different shots and angles. That's actually a really good tip too is to not put two similar images next to each other because someone will only engage with one of them.



KAT: I think we always have fun! Full of dancing and laughing and keeping things light and positive.

KAIT: We've had challenges so we've been big on saying, "Okay...we're just gonna keep smiling and it's gonna be okay." And we have a really great team and we recognize when we can't do it all. Which I think is a really huge thing as an entrepreneur. We've definitely come up to road blocks where it's like "okay this is way too much for us two people we need to outsource something."


KAIT: Um rewarding I would say at least for me specifically is that this is something that we both love and it's our passions combined into one. And we're working so hard but it's our business we are working so hard at. And we can also form our lives very differently and it's actually really rewarding growing our network of people we know. 

KAT: And my favorite thing in the world and I think it's for Kait too is to be able to employ people. And to let them be able to do the kind of work they want to be doing. So it's great for us to be able to hire influencers and models and build out our team with people that want to work in their field and want to do these kinds of thing. And that we get to create the opportunity. But the difficult part is bar none scheduling! (laughing)

KAIT: Why is it so hard?! (laughing)

KAT: It's hard to juggle but at the same time it's great to be able to make your own schedule.



KAIT: So I'm excited to go because I've always gone as a buyer and this time I'm going with different lenses. It will be different too because we'll be going together. And we're just really excited to be able to meet some new brands and connect with people in New York because we both had lived there and have such a heart for it.

KAT: And I think outside of connecting and meeting brands we'll meet other influencers and just really be apart of the community because we actually don't like it (work) feeling transactual. We want it to be more friendly.


To learn more about these lovely ladies and all they can offer be sure to check out their website and follow them on Instagram.

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