Interview with Rachel Metz: Living To DIY

"I told you I could do it, I just had to learn how."

Living to DIY isn't just the name of crafting guru, Rachel Metz's, YouTube channel it's also a life motto she can relate to.

"When I first decided to do a YouTube channel I had no idea what I was doing so I had to learn. Essentially DIY it."

What started out as a journey to fulfill her passion of crafting and storytelling has lead Rachel down the path to becoming one of the most popular DIY channels. With over 14 thousand subscribers on YouTube and more than 17 thousand followers on Instagram she is well on her way to becoming the next Martha Stewart.

As someone who enjoys crafting I love watching her videos. She's easy to follow and makes me feel as if I could do any of her numerous projects. Plus as you learn how to master whatever DIY she has planned you get glimpses into her spunky and down to earth personality. Which basically turns her into your "crafty" best friend.

I had the chance to speak with her about her channel and what she has planned in her world of DIY for this holiday season.

Rachel explained to me that starting Living To DIY was a bit of a leap of faith for her. She held other full time jobs before but nothing that spoke to her or made her feel fulfilled. A feeling many of us can relate too. It was then she decided to take the initial jump into creating her YouTube channel. Although scared in the beginning she attributes her courage to keep doing what she is doing to her followers and love of crafts.

"My followers are the sweetest...sometimes when I'm feeling down or start questioning what I'm doing I'll get a message or a comment and it's those little things that they (followers) don't realize just how big that is to me."

With the holidays around the corner it would be a complete missed opportunity if I didn't ask the crafting genius herself what her DIY tip is for all of us considering making some of our gifts this year? The one thing she said, "Don't Be Scared!"

"People get so scared to make their gifts because they are afraid it won't turn out like a picture you would see on Tumblr. But the point of a DIY gift is that you put all your love and care into making it."

Now it's no secret that I'm a big fan of Christmas and well it turns out that Rachel is too! With all the lights, decorations, and the tree it would only be fitting for the next few videos on Living To DIY would be about getting ready for the big holiday. Now if you haven't checked out Living To DIY this may be a reason to do so. We can expect to see a few DIY videos about making decorations for your home and on decorating a 15 foot Christmas tree. I don't know about you but even though I won't have that big of a tree this year I'm still very interested in seeing see how you would even go about decorating something that massive!

For more about Rachel Metz and Living to DIY make sure you check her out on YouTube and Instagram!

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