Interview with Claire Coder: Creator of Aunt Flow

"This all started when I found out that menstrual hygiene products aren't covered by WIC, food stamps, and are taxed in almost all 50 states." 

I bet when you think of a monthly subscription box delivered to your door you think beauty, makeup, and fitness products. My guess is that you would've never thought there would be a subscription based service that would come in the form of a box of tampons and pads. Well allow me to introduce you to Aunt Flow.

For us women we know Aunt Flow all too well. But if you are anything like me you never thought twice about having the funds to go purchase a box of tampons. For the 16.9 million women living in poverty most have to choose between buying food or buying tampons or pads. Forcing many women to use plastic bags and old dirty socks in order to stop the flow.

It was this reason Claire decided to create Aunt Flow, a buy one give one subscription box service. Meaning for every box of tampons or pads you buy you are giving a box to a women in need. Not only are you helping someone but you also get the opportunity to choose what organization receives your box through the different beneficiaries listed every 30 to 90 days on the Aunt Flow website.

Partnering with Veeda USA, Aunt Flow uses 100% cotton, biodegradable tampons and pads that are FDA approved. A drastic difference compared to what many major brands offer, considering their products aren't monitored by the FDA and often contain bleach, chlorine, and synthetic dyes. And we wondering why women are suffering from toxic shock syndrome? Each box comes with 18 pieces and can be customized to fit any individual's needs as far as sizes, the quantity, and product type.

Claire may be only 19 years old but she is learning fast as a female entrepreneur what it takes to be seen in the start up world. Girl the hustle and struggle is real! But she's also learning that most of the people listening to her pitch Aunt Flow as a business are men, which as you can imagine can make things a tad difficult at first. 

"I was applying for several business accelerators and in the interview process I remember one person stopped and asked me why I needed to have 18 tampons and pads in a box? Why can't I have like 5? At first I was really confused. I couldn't tell if he was joking and then I was like, oh my gosh this guy has no idea how many tampons a women uses."

So other than the fact I'm now rethinking the way health and sex education was taught in our schools - some information was obviously skipped. Aunt Flow has gotten its share of supporters and is well on it's way towards reaching it's first year goal of donating over 100,000 tampons and pads.

"I want to make this my job. I want to be helping other people and educating on a topic that really nobody talks about. Oh and I want to be on Ellen, I love that show."

To learn more about Aunt Flow and subscribe to your monthly box visit their website. And for a limited time only Aunt Flow is offering So She Slay readers a $5 discount when purchasing your subscription using the code SLAY. This means you get your customized subscription box valued at $13 plus all the coupons and discounts for other businesses that comes in your box for $5 off!


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