Hey ladies! Do you remember Alice in Wonderland story? I'm sure you do! 


Well, something really deep and symbolic is hidden inside that story which every woman on Earth should know. It's about the real possibility to make true our life's dreams. 

So, let's recall what happens. While about to sleep, Alice sees a WHITE RABBIT running fast with a clock in his hand. Being intrigued by this unexpected vision, she stands up and instinctively follows him. And guess what? Just doing this, she embarks on her fantastic journey. 

Now the question is: why the rabbit? And why the white color?
As a very fertile and prolific animal, a rabbit is linked to the Earth-mother divinity and the symbolism of the regenerating water. In the most ancient cultures, such as the Aztecs, it is associated with the afterlife world. The connection with this animal indicates the path of improvement towards a higher personal dimension. In Alice's story, the rabbit is the manifestation of a sudden event that opens the mind to a higher understanding, and immediately brings down the whole system of false beliefs that obstacle one's goals. To follow the white rabbit means to open to the opportunities of life. 

Quietude and Contemplation.jpg

Regarding the white color, there is much more to say. White is a royal color, the primary one containing all the others. Because of its purity, it is the symbol of real power. It is the color of light, meditation and spiritual rebalance. White places help to listen to the inner voice that leads to reaching trust and hope. White stands on the opposite edge of the black color, which is the negation of color and symbol of rejection, rebellion, and aggression. The boundary between these two opposites marks the beginning of the critical phase. White evokes noble feelings related to self-confidence, self-esteem, dignity, virginity, integrity, spirituality, divinity, and is a symbol of paradise and eternity. Those who are attracted to this color have a creative, imaginative and high-minded nature, an attraction for new things and a constant desire for changing and improving. In tantric cults, white is associated with the seventh chakra, called Sahasrara, the crown chakra, which governs the cerebral cortex, the central nervous system, and the pineal gland. It is connected to the most profound spiritual part of our being. White light clears the mind and brings revitalizing energy to the whole organism.


Hence, that's the point: all women on Earth are potential Alices fascinated by white. Such as Alice, ever since the very first Eve, all women have an innate curiosity, fast instinct, and poetic soul. All these virtues are essential to enable the journey out the owner, completely unexpected, Wonderland.

My wonderful women, what are you waiting for? The future is a new revolutionary age: the new Bianco Avant-garde* of beauty, awareness, and happiness. Let's start to bloom into white; time runs fast as the rabbit, catch it now, and color the world with your unique, bright whiteness!

*Artistic-spiritual movement born in Italy and United States in opposition to the dictatorship of induced and manipulative consumption. It declares the inalienable right of humanity to practice self-consciousness and the full recovery of the autonomous perceptive faculty. 



Paola F. BidnelliComment