The Asian Fashion Weeks’ Vibes

Just when you think that you’ve seen everything after having scrolled through the street style section of the major fashion capitals as New York, Milan, and Paris, and get it into your head that it doesn’t get more stylish or experimental and at times downright outrageous than that, the Asians come with their light-years-ahead almost impossible to copy styles and remind you that there’s still plenty to learn. The people of such capitals as Japan, Seoul, and Tbilisi that are fashion-wise iconic in ways that we can’t even imagine, let alone execute, take fashion to a completely different realm, and as outrageous as their outfits and fashion state of mind is, we can and definitely should pick up a lesson or two from them. You don’t have to emulate their style as much as you can let yourself be inspired by their creativity and allow yourself to experiment and play with clothes more. So, let’s see just how good the Asian fashion game is and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

All the way from Tokyo


Everyone in the world is familiar with the iconic Harajuku style that is still one of the most fascinating things you’ll see in Tokyo, but as westerners, we’re not quite ready for that amount of quirkiness. Granted, the Tokyo fashion week will lead you to believe that the two styles (Harajuku and FW street style) are nothing short of identical, but trust us, as bold as this fashion is, it’s much more toned down, so let’s see what dominated the streets outside the runway venues. One of the most dominant and abundantly present styles was athleisure, in different shapes and forms. We had oversized monochromatic suits topped off with a fanny pack and running shoes, gender roles broken with men in millennial pink suits – again spiced up with a touch of athleisure and bold sock choices and of course; larger than life tracksuits and bold oversized shirts – athleisure in its original form. It’s safe to say that Tokyo does athleisure better and bolder than us, but that’s not all they have to offer. The matchy-matchy style is taken to a whole new level with pink suits in vibrant florals and clunky floral shoes, but there was some classic elegance in the form of satin midi skirts and simple jean jackets – though spiced up with platform ankle boots, because classic here doesn’t have the same meaning as everywhere else. There’s plenty more to cover, but a book could be written so we’ll leave you with highlights as we move on to the next fashion capital.

Too cool in Seoul


The South Koreans are simply cooler than us and we have outfits and palpable swag to prove it. First off, there is the love of pastels, which is something they have in common with the rest of the world, although their ‘rendition’ of the look is immensely different. Pastel satin track pants are not paired with simple tees but rather with black fishnet tops, silver bomber jackets, metallic fanny packs and berets – because there’s no such thing as too much. A touch of casualness lives in Seoul and it features a fairly simple stone-washed mini denim skirt and a pink graphic tee. It doesn’t stop there as mid-calf sports socks are present as well, along with a pair of Converse All Star sneakers and a black leather jacket. This is as casual as it gets. Pattern-mixing is huge in Seoul, and not only in a single outfit but a single garment, and it makes one wonder where they get these pieces. The general tendencies lean towards oversized garments, which is one of the versions of athleisure here, because the tracksuits and dad sneakers were present here as well. So, if in the upcoming spring you want to channel these athleisure vibes at the beach, the super sexy and bold Mint Athletic athletic swimwear line will be here for you. Traditional elegance, the one present in, say, Paris, was at large, but the preppy style was spotted here and there. , For the future colder season, think of preppy when you attempt to master chic layering. In case you had any doubts, logomania is alive and well in Korea, too, and spotted on everything from sweaters, bags, and jackets, so that’s one thing we have in common. Finally, when in doubt, belt your trendy blazer and make sure you add a broche or two, all the while keeping in mind that there is no such thing as too much.

Somewhat subdued Tbilisi


More than anything else, the fashionistas of Tbilisi are giving us major polka dot envy. Carolina Herrera has given us the ultimate new – the dots are back, but we don’t seem to be rocking them as much as the gals here. From oversized wide-leg trousers paired with an equally oversized blazer in a poignant emerald green hue to chic polka dot dresses with orange pumps for a touch of drama, these ladies sure know how to rock the dot. On the other hand, a plethora of boldness was present in the form of neon orange sporty ensembles and these definitely make for a strong look, although we’re not sure we want to look like a traffic cone, but to each their own. Casual athleisure, quite similar to the one the rest of the world rocks was here, too, in the form of graphic tees, dad sneakers and high-rise wide trousers in Pantone’s color of the year, along with power suits that are probably just a tad too oversized for our taste, but do make for a statement look. Finally, there was the rocking of two bags, which Madonna used to do back in the day, so if you’re feeling like one is not enough, you can always add one more.

These Asian styles vibes are definitely food for thought, and you’ll probably be tempted to pull off at least certain elements of these looks. If not, at least these styles will help you shed your fashion inhibitions and help you experiment with more confidence.


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