Pre-wedding Beauty Routine: 7 Top Tips to Look Amazing

Wedding planning can be both wonderful and stressful. Though your wedding is mainly about you and your loved one, you spend so much time worrying about the guests, venue, caterers, etc. that it’s easy to lose track of yourself. Your wedding day is one of the most memorable events of your life. It’s a day where you want to look and feel your best. Take a step back and try some of these top 7 tips in your pre-wedding beauty routine to look amazing when you finally say ‘I do.’

Get Active


Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy, right? Getting in shape and exercising doesn’t have to mean losing weight or starting a diet. Embrace your body and use workouts to give you a boost of energy and alleviate stress. Start going running, rollerblading, hiking, or any other activity that gets you moving. You can also join a gym if you want a more structured way to work out, and hey, you might even meet other brides to motivate you. Try yoga if you want to get in some activity and meditation time to calm your potential bridezilla nerves.


Treat Yourself!


Take a step back to focus on yourself every once in awhile. Even a monthly massage can help alleviate the tension building up in your body. Manicures are a sure way to keep your hands looking fresh to show off that ring, but your toes are important too! Focus on the parts of your body that no one will see. Use body scrub and moisturizer for soft skin and head to the salon for any hair removal needs. The last things you want to worry about while prancing around on your honeymoon are prickly legs or ingrown hairs.


Face It

Try a  weekly exfoliation or treat yourself to facials every so often to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Don’t forget about your lips! Keep them moisturized to avoid chapping on your big day. Maintain those pesky brows with professional help. While you may be used to plucking your own arches at home, reach out to a local esthetician to help get your desired eyebrow shape.

Hair Care

While you’re up there working on your face, remember to take care of your hair. Work with your stylist to trim your locks so that they and healthy for your wedding updo. Once you decide on your hairstyle for the big day, come up with a plan to keep it shiny and hydrated through regular trips to the salon. Avoid excessive dye jobs that can dry out your hair or drastic cuts that can’t be reversed before your wedding.


Eat Healthier


Late night seating charts might have you reaching for a bag of chips or opting for coffee over breakfast the next day. Even while celebrating with friends and family you might find yourself eating or drinking out more. While there’s nothing wrong with a dinner at a restaurant or an occasional junk food snack, they shouldn’t be daily habits. Food that’s low in nutrition, processed, and full of sugar might taste good, but will have you feeling mentally and physically sluggish.


You don’t have to diet in to eat well. Simply choose more wholesome foods to eat. Instead of chips try sweet peppers with hummus, air popped popcorn or a handful of nuts. Even those with a sweet tooth can find solace in dark chocolate or fruits. Browse around different sites to find food inspiration and ideas without the extreme diets.

Cut The Drinks

A champagne toast for your engagement is obligatory, but a bottle of wine frequently is not. Along with eating healthier try to be more mindful of your alcohol consumption. Drinking dehydrates you, causing your skin to get dry and puffy. Also, you’re more prone to eat that box of mac and cheese or four slices of pizza when you’re buzzed.


Get Away!


No one wants to be a tired bride. Sometimes to get a rejuvenated look, you actually need to take a break. Go away for the night or a weekend if you can spare. You can either bring your loved one along with you or take the time to unplug and unwind. Even if you can’t escape your house, then plan a night in to relax with no wedding planning allowed! Catch up on that novel you’ve been dying to read or your guilty-pleasure DVR shows. And yes, wine is allowed!

Consider some of these tips to give you the energy and confidence you need to plan your wedding while feeling and looking good at the same time.


Michelle BrownComment