Basic Rules for Healthy Hair


We all wish we could have Hollywood hair: the perfect, thick locks, voluminous long hair and shiny highlights for the perfect finish. But the secret is: the celebs have an entire team of people who are only dedicated to keeping them looking good, and we have to do all of that on our own. For starters, we have to understand that no matter our genetics, any type of hair can look good – it’s all about the routine we put in place. So let’s take a look at some of the rules that you should religiously stick to if you want the best from your hair.

Careful with towels

Most of us have the habit of getting out of the shower, grabbing a towel, rubbing our head with it to get some moisture out and then wrapping our hair in a tight turban until we’re ready to dry it. This is just about the worst thing you can do for your hair. Instead, swap out that towel for an old T-shirt. It will dry your hair as much as a towel, but it will prevent frizz. Secondly, instead of rubbing, just dab your hair lightly with the shirt and then wrap it lightly. Tying a turban that is too tight can pull the hair strands straight out of your head, especially because your hair is weaker when it’s wet.

Use the right products


There are numerous people whose hair has been completely destroyed because they have been using the wrong products to care for it. Firstly, you always want to use organic products, those that contain only natural ingredients that nourish your hair deeply. Secondly, you want to find the right product for your specific hair type. There is a reason why there are different shampoos for straight and for curly hair – it’s not only to sell more products. Using the right products can make a day and night difference in the quality of your hair, and you should start to notice it right after the first or second wash.

Inside out


Having weak, brittle hair might be seen as a cry for nourishing masks and conditioner, but that’s actually not the first place you should be looking at. Our hair, just like every other part of us, is conditioned by the state of our body. The way we nourish our body from the inside shows on our skin, hair, and nails, so if you feel like your hair is not holding up to a standard, trying multivitamin hair supplements can help you get to that thick, shiny hair you’ve been aching for. You should also get some bloodwork done to see if there are any other nutrients that are missing that you could then replenish through your diet.

Protect from heat


Heat is the biggest enemy to your hair, and you should avoid it whenever possible. Time your hair washing so that you can let it air-dry and skip the blow-drying to prevent damage. If you’re used to using tools like hair curlers and straighteners to style your hair daily, look at no-heat alternatives that will give you a similar result without all the damage. If you absolutely must use a heating tool, make sure you spray down your hair with a heat-protective product.

Be gentle with your hairdos

Just like when you’re drying your hair, putting it in different hairstyles might look nice, but it’s actually harmful. For example, when you’re working out, try to braid your hair instead of putting it up in a tight ponytail. The looser texture will prevent the hair strand being ripped out, and you generally want to avoid pulling your hair too tight. Additionally, you want to pay attention to the types of hair bands and pins you’re using. Try the spiral bands that don’t rip out your hair and make sure all of your bobby pins have little balls at the end of them to soften the edge. When you make a hairstyle, if you feel like there is any place that is being pulled tight, loosen it up.

Taking good care of your hair is the only way for it to look good. It sometimes might seem like it’s a lot of work, but stick with it. Remember that your hair will reflect how you feel inside, so when you’re sick, you might have less volume, but it will bounce back as soon as you are feeling better. Stick with these rules and stick to a solid hair care routine to have the perfect ‘do in no time at all.

Brigitte EvansComment