Waxing vs Sugaring: What's better for down there?

I know I’m not the only person who as ever ask this question.

In fact, it wasn’t until one of my friends recommended I try sugaring instead of waxing that I even considered anything different than going to see my regular chick at European Wax Center. If you know anything about the European Wax Center you know that they don’t use just regular wax, that it’s actually 100% beeswax and doesn’t require a strip to aid in the waxing process - it’s some quality shit.

I’ve been getting Brazilian waxes from them for the past three or four years so working up the courage to try a different kind of waxing took a little bit. I mean we’re talking about your vag here ladies, no one is trying to mess with a good thing or deal with the possibility of a painful experience.

Taking my friends suggestion as well as my courage, I went to her recommended spot for the best sugaring experience, reWAXation, here in San Francisco.

Side note, when it comes to waxing or things of beauty nature I rely heavily on recommendations from people I know. I just think it’s always good to know someone who has used a product or service themselves this way you get an honest opinion - or at least a well intentioned one.

Any who, not know exactly what to expect from sugaring but now having tried both types of waxing I thought it would be a good idea to lay out the pros and cons here.



  • It lasts longer than regular waxing. I didn’t believe my friend when she told me it would last longer but she was totally right. My normal waxing I would start having hair grow back a little over a week after I had gotten waxed with sugaring it was about three solid weeks before there were signs of growth.

  • No ingrown hairs. Like any part of your body your hair and skin down there requires some extra attention especially if you get waxed on the regular. With regular waxing I tend to get a few ingrown hairs that drive me crazy but with sugaring - nope!

  • Sometimes after waxing my skin is a little red, it fades pretty quickly but it’s still it happens. With sugaring absolutely no redness after. This is because sugaring only sticks to the hair on your body not the actual first layer of skin. European Wax Center’s beeswax does the same thing but for some reason still leaves my skin a little red, not a deal break by any means but definitely a slight difference.


  • Normally with waxing you are given a moment to breathe in between each section of hair removal, not with sugaring. When you get sugar wax it’s a continuous motion of press on to your body and rip it off. It’s kind of like when you use tape to get lint off your sweater, you have a piece wrapped around your hand and it’s a constant press down and pull up. Doesn’t sound pleasant I know but if you’ve gotten waxed before luckily your hair follicles aren’t as strong so it doesn’t hurt any worse than it would during your regular waxing - just don’t expect breaks. Those ladies keep going till the hair is all gone or unless you say stop.

  • The cost of sugaring was a little more than what I pay normally but if you go to a spot that offers deals on buying more than one session at a time or a type of package it could roughly end up being the same price. I say do your research or better yet ask a friend!

So my final thought?

I say if you don’t mind spending the little extra money go with SUGARING! Don’t get me wrong I love my lady at the European Wax Center, she’s amazing and I mean she’s been all up in my business for a few years now, but I think my biggest selling point with sugaring is that it just last longer and I don’t get ingrown hairs. My skin down there looks healthier and stays smoother longer, I mean what more can you ask for?

Heather YoungComment