8 Style Tips to Maximize Comfort

Compromising comfort can sometimes be an inevitable evil when it comes to dressing stylishly. In this article, we go over some ways you can look head-to-toe fab while keeping sore feet and back aches at bay.

8 Style Tips to Maximize Comfort

Below are 8 of our tried and tested style tips that won’t let you down. Keep on reading and find out which ones are best suited for you.

Wear Loose Garments

Being fashionable does not mean wearing skin tight clothing. Sure, it can be a great way to showcase your curves, but it’s not the most comfortable attire to wear all day.

Instead, wear long flowy dresses or a wide legged jumpsuit. Along with being comfortable, they can hide any insecurities you may have, giving you more confidence!

Any loose fitted top will also work for this one, just as long as you play with the balance and wear something a little more fitted at the bottom.

Swap out Heels for Wedges

Walking all day in five inch stilettos may give you skyscraper-looking legs, but at what cost? A few hours in, you’re likely going to be paying for it with sore legs and an aching back. 

Instead of going for your favorite pumps, switch them out for wedges. They are just as fashionable as your signature red heels, plus they can give you the same amount of height you want with more comfort and support. If you’re still having problems with your back aching, then it might be a good idea to look into supportive bras that help with back pain.

Opt for Some Stretch

Tight and restricting outfits are not practical for everyday wear. Whether you’re running around doing errands or at your desk working all day, these outfits don’t make much sense.

If you like to keep it clean and chic, then a body-fitting outfit with plenty of stretch will work best for you. Try on a cotton bodysuit or a turtleneck sweater for the top and some plain black leggings for the bottoms. These stretchy staples are all good options for when you want to stay comfortable and on-trend.

Layer like a Pro

Have you ever noticed how famous bloggers and celebrities constantly show up in public with fabulous coats and jackets? That’s because they know there’s style in layering clothing together.

If you prefer to go out into the world with just your white tee and jeans, then it might be a good idea to consider wearing a lush coat or a long knit scarf over your outfit. This way, you get to keep your outfits the way you like them, but you’re adding a hint of style that still keeps your outfit comfortable.

Prioritize Soft and Silky Textiles

When you’re moving around all day, it’s hard to stay focused if your top or bottom feels rough and edgy on your skin. Sometimes, if an outfit is too tight, it can even cause painful rashes that turn red and become sensitive to touch.

To avoid all that, sporting satin or silk textiles may be the solution. Not only does this decrease the amount of friction from skin to fabric, it also makes you feel cool and airy, as if you wore pajamas to work!

Wear Fashionable Slip-Ons

For days when you just can’t be bothered to put on some heels, flats will be your trusty companion. 

It’s important to find a pair that makes you feel like you’re taking your favorite slippers on a day out. There are several available options out there, from strappy sandals, to shiny flats, to classic mules, you’re bound to find one for the look you’re going for.

Jeans and Soft Denim

When you’re in need of a casual outfit, denim is always a classic go-to. 

Try going for wide leg pants or softer denim materials. When possible, stretchy jeans are a good option too if you prefer being able to stretch your leg and improve your mobility.

Don’t be Afraid to Wear Sneakers

Sporty is the new street wear. In today’s day and age, wearing your classic old pair of Nikes won’t stop you from looking dressed to kill.

With this trend, you’re not restricted to only wearing your rubber shoes with athleisure. This time around, you can wear your chunky white shoes with practically anything. Whether it be a clean and pressed outfit for work, or a cozy one in sweats, sneakers are the epitome of comfort and fashion.

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