It’s Wedding Season: The Best Bridal Trends of Spring 2020

With flowers in full bloom, acres of green grass, and warm weather, love is definitely in the air! This season’s bridal trends have been one of the most exciting I’ve seen. Ladies, say hello to more drama and fierce wedding dresses. Here are the top 5 trends from Spring 2020:

1. Tiered Ruffles

There’s something very romantic about tiered tulle. The different depths of sheerness and lengths add a stunning dimension to these sleek silhouettes.

2. Architecture

The precisely placed pleats and drape direction form a carefully constructed look. This engineered dress captures all attention and gazer’s appreciation of its complexity.   

3. Ostrich Feathers

They’re so delicate yet so powerful. Ostrich feathers are light and airy so they definitely flow gracefully down the aisle. They add that finishing touch that never disappoints. 

4. Peek A Boo Lace

The smallest details on a simple dress make the loudest statement. They add a pop of wow and excitement while maintaining simplicity. 

5. Blazer

Surprise! This is by far my favorite trend of all. This blazer wedding outfit is so rebellious, gorgeous, and out of this world. Who wants to get married in this? I definitely do! 

Rebecca ChoComment