Sed The Label: FINALLY Sunglasses That Fit My Face!

Finding sunglasses to fit my Asian face is rough!

Every pair I try on never fit the way they should, which is why I end up buying super cheap ones because I know I’ll be over them in two seconds. I’m not the only one because the rest of my friends and family with full, round faces or high cheek bones deal with this on the daily.

If you don’t know the struggle let’s take a second to paint this picture.

Imagine every time you put on your sunglasses the bottom rests on your cheeks. So much so when you take them off you’re left with ridiculous half moons imprints.. Or better yet the constant need to readjust your sunglasses because they’re sliding down your nose or squeezing your head too tight.

As you can tell the struggle is REAL!

This is why when I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for Sed The Label sunglasses I had to go! It’s this very brand that is claiming to solve all the above issues so you know I had to see if it lived up to the hype.

To my surprise, Sed sunglasses did everything it claimed it would do. Not only did I get to try on the different styles Sed has but they all looked good on me and everyone else that tried them on, which never happens!

The fit was perfect. They rested well on my face, never pinching behind my ears or sliding down my nose, not once did my cheeks touch the bottom of the frames and I was even smiling and taking pictures wearing them - something I don’t usually do due to the lovely fact my cheeks push my glasses up when I smile and I look like a fool.

The launch party was so much fun and I even I got to speak with, Stephanie Sedayao, the incredibly talented woman behind Sed The Label to figure out just how this genius idea came to her?

“For as long as I can remember, eyewear never sat right on my face. It was always so uncomfortable - every frame pinched the sides of my head, dug into my cheekbones, and slid down my face. I also learned I wasn't alone and I wasn't the only one struggling to find frames that fit. So, Sed was created out of a need to find sunglasses that were about the fit, accommodating people whose faces don't necessarily mold to the eyewear industry's standard fit.”

Another aspect of these glasses that stood out to me was the simple yet timeless design of them. I can see myself wearing these glasses with any outfit. I’m not someone who spends a ton of time picking outfits and finding the right accessories to go with it. So if I can find something that will go with like 90% of my closet and will stand the test of time…I’m sold. I do have to have say that I was feeling the Soledad and Madley style frames when I was there though. These styles are definitely classic and get this gender neutral! But it was how these frames got their names that made me fall in love with this brand even more.

“The Cat Eye is named Madley, after my aunt that passed and was my biggest inspiration in life. I know this would have been her favorite pair and the feminine, yet strong lines scream her name. The Wayfarer is named Beatrice, my Auntie Madley's second name. They're timeless and and classic - like her. The Square frames are named after my grandmother, Soledad Sedayao. I wanted a bold, edgier frames and they reminded me of her. I also let her choose which ones she wanted as her names, and she chose the Square frames without hesitation.”

Shout out to all the strong women in our lives that influence and inspire us in so many ways! UGH!

Sed The Label is open for business as they kick off their official online launch TODAY! You can visit them at Sed The Label to get yourself a pair and if you sign up for their newsletter you get 15% off of your first purchase, plus all shipping is complimentary in the US. Be sure to also follow this amazing brand’s journey via Instagram at SedTheLabel.

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