5 Exciting Careers for Beauty Lovers in 2019

Having a trustworthy cosmetician is a necessity. Every woman seems to have someone who takes care of their looks and spoil them at least once a month.

Beauty business has a lot to offer and the market is expanding. If you are thinking about starting your own business, beauty industry is something that can definitely pay off, provided you are good at what you do

Here are some interesting careers for you to consider:

1. Makeup artist

Earlier, women tended to do their own makeup. Nowadays they rather turn to an expert to get them ready for an important event. Today, there are a lot of available and affordable makeup artists. If a customer chooses a licensed makeup artist that uses high-quality makeup, they can be sure that they will look flawless for hours.  

In order to become a respectable makeup artist, you will need to take a course and master all the steps and lectures you need. Then, you will need to practice a lot in order to gain experience. Practice on your friends and relatives first and once you master the skill. Advertise a lot, take a bunch of before-after pictures and post them on your Instagram page. Invest in good quality makeup, it will pay off eventually. You can earn up to $45 per hour, which is how much makeup artists are paid in New York.

2. Microblading artist

Eyebrows have taken various shapes and sizes throughout different times and they have always been important. Women used to nurture them on their own, but now they rather turn to a professional to take care of their brows.

Current trend says that natural and thick eyebrows are a thing. The best results are achieved with microblading treatment and that is why there are more and more microblading artists. However, this is a delicate job and requires excellent training and a lot of practice.

In order to make sure you’ll get the best of training, find out which academies offer quality trainings in your area. For example, Phibrows USA offers quality and licensed trainings that are highly respected.

3. Manicurist

Nurtured nails never go out of style. Very few people are patient and skillful enough to give themselves manicure treatment, so they rather turn to someone who will do the job perfectly in less than an hour. Therefore, manicurists are always in demand.  

So, how does this job pay off when the average manicurist is paid $10 per hour? Well, as it was said above, manicurists rarely lack in the number of customers, even in the low-income areas. That means that you can have a costumer every hour. After all, if you start to stand out and get a lot of recommendation, you can charge more for your service. You need to finish the course and get a license. Choose a reputable academy to train you in order to learn the skill just right.

4. Eyelash technician

Seems like mascara is no longer enough. Women strive to have outstanding lashes that will make their eyes noticeable. There are different techniques to extend lashes. Eyelash technicians are highly sought after since this is not something people can easily do at home.

If you decide to go for it, you will need an excellent training and a certificate. Do the research and look for the academies that offer lash extension and lash lift trainings. Once you gain knowledge of the treatment, you can start getting customers and earn money.

5. Beauty products blogger

This is more of a hobby or a second job which you can do in your free time. However, if you are really dedicated to it, this can even become your primary job and you can make a living by doing it.

Blogging is one of the most profitable businesses nowadays. People love recommendations, ideas and honest reviews of different products. It basically works like this: you can rate and review products you use and can afford. Then, as you become more popular and gain more followers, you start getting products for free. You can consider it a job when beauty products companies start paying you to advertise their product.

However, it is really hard to stand out. There are millions of bloggers out there and only some are successful. .Blogging requires constant creativity and activity. If you think you have enough will and time, go for it.

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