Fall is Here.. Finally

Well, everyone knows I love to shop, and I love Fall. I am not a huge fan of pumpkin spice being everywhere- (sorry if I offended anyone- don’t hate me)- But this time of year is my favorite.

This Fall season, I’m feeling the 90s’ Marc Jacobs vibes from this iconic shoot.

I love cardigans, sweaters, and boots. I am the ultimate Pinterest stalker for Fall style ideas.

I am obsessed with big cardigans with graphic tees jeans and boots. I am obsessed with boots, mules, and white tennis shoes. I love comfortable shoes but they must be chic. I refuse to join the crocks trend… I just can’t.

Currently my go- to accessories are beanies, gold hoops and to add a simple gold chain necklace.

Shopping tip: Urban Outfitters have the best gold chains and hoops!

Also, I am in love with big cardigans and loose fitting dresses with white tennis shoes. For me wearing dresses is not my go-to style but in Fall I love wearing it. It’s a great outfit for work or meeting your girls or man for drinks after work.

Here are my favorite looks I am feeling for Fall.

What is your fall style?

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