Why Is Everyone Talking About ThirdLove?

I wondered the same question.

After seeing the ads and watching the commercials I honestly thought what the hell makes these bras so different or better than ones I get at Victoria Secret or anywhere else?

You see I've had boobs since the 5th grade, your girl developed early, and from an early age I've had to buy bras that would:

  1. Last
  2. Provide support
  3. Be comfortable (no one likes underwires digging into their skin)
  4. Look cute

So just out of curiosity I decided to give ThirdLove a shot after seeing it blasted all over my social media. And since they have a money back guarantee I figured, "hey why not, I could always return it if I didn't like it." 

Let me just tell you I fully understand why this bra is getting all this attention. 


1. I've NEVER had a bra this comfortable. 

I'm not even joking. I'm in LOVE with their classic, t-shirt, everyday bra. Honestly, I put it on for the first time and was like, "oh, well this is new." The cups are soft and form to your breasts, the straps and band are incredibly comfortable and supportive. And get this, every time I put it on it's like memory foam and the bra conforms to me. I could wear this bra all day everyday and never feel uncomfortable or the need to de-bra as soon as I get home from work. 


2. I FINALLY learned my correct size.

A lot of people have trouble finding bras that are the right size, I know I did. For me, I've always had issues with straps falling down and the cup size fitting one breast better than the other. All this only added to the fact that my bras weren't that comfy to be in. Well what makes ThirdLove different is you take a quiz before you even purchase a bra that helps you figure out what size you should be instead of what you think you are. 

In fact, the first two bras I bought from ThirdLove were their classic t-shirt bra and their strapless bra. If you are a big breasted woman you know the struggles that come with a strapless bra. My thought was if I was going to find one to do the job my best bet was to start here. And I'm very glad I did. You see I ended up finding out that when it comes to strapless bras I actually should be wearing a smaller size! Now I didn't find that out by taking the quiz but from the friendly email I sent them saying that I thought the strapless didn't fit correctly. They walked me through how it should fit and we came to the conclusion that I should go down a band size from a 36C to a 34C. The return was quick and easy and I've been happy ever since. 


3. Heads up it is a little pricey. 

I'm going to be honest this great bra does come with a little bit of a price tag. For the classic t-shirt bra is costs around $65. Now for someone who has bought bras from Victoria Secret her whole life I'm relatively use to that price tag. It's still hard to accept when you start thinking that you will obviously need more than one or two bras and at $65 a bra it can definitely add up. So my only advice for you is to wait till there is some sort of sale. That is what I did and it made getting the bras easier on my wallet. If you sign up for their newsletter you will receive emails that tell you when you can expect a sale. 


4. So how does it truly compare with my other bras?

I'll put it to you this way. I have bras that range in price from $15, to $45, to $65. I can definitely tell when I'm wearing my $15 bra because it doesn't fit me as snug as my others and I de-bra as soon as I get home. My $45 bras, are comfy and fit me well. They are a little older and have been worn but still get the job done when it comes to feeling supported. The $65 ThirdLove classic, t-shirt bra is by far my favorite. It's like slipping on the most comfortable top ever. I feel supported, comfortable, and I never have to worry about underwires, or straps falling off my shoulder, or the band leaving imprints on my body after wearing if all day. 


My advise would be to give ThirdLove a shot. There is a reason why you're seeing and hearing all about this company. They make great bras! They also make a lot of other products that I haven't tried yet so if you know how they are please share!

Heather YoungComment