Australian Girls' Beauty Secrets


We all love and admire the Asian ladies who have somehow tricked the universe to stop time in their part of the world and remain radiant for decades. Then there are the equally impeccable beauties from Scandinavia whose piercing blue eyes and incredible fitness levels keep the rest of us in awe. However, the laid-back, flawless Aussie girls are an even greater mystery with their tip-top complexion and beachy style.

If you’re too far to travel all the way Down Under, then you can perhaps let some of this country’s beauty spirit come to you through their best-kept beauty hacks. Let’s see what we can do to follow in their lovely footsteps!

Sun-safe every day



If anyone knows the importance of sun protection, that would be Australian women who spend most of their time soaked in sun, whether it’s on the beach, or on their way to the office to nail the next client pitch. However, even if you don’t live in such a sunny land, any exposure can do some damage to your skin and lead to premature signs of ageing, not to mention other dangers of harmful radiation.

When in doubt, ask your beauty-loving Sydneysider and they’ll tell you that some of their tried and tested Sydney-loved favorites include brands such as La Roche-Posay and Clinique among others. If you want to prevent skin cancer, early wrinkles, spots, sunburn, uneven skin tone, or any other skin irritation, this is a must in your purse for every day.

Wave-inspired locks



For naturally curly gals among you, kudos on such amazing hair, we hope you’re doing it justice with proper care and nourishment! On the other hand, the rest of us mere mortals who want to achieve the same beachy effect, there are a few simple tricks to keep in mind.

For example, you can use the Beachwaver Pro for that effortless look and feel, and it’s best paired with a quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your precious locks sun-safe and prevent dryness or split ends. A touch of a styling product can be more than enough if your hair is obedient, so you can squish those locks in place in no time!

Flaunt your pearly whites


antony-sastre-631199-unsplash (2).jpg

In addition to their amazing bronze tan, beautiful blond mane, and stunning blue eyes, Aussie gals are also well-known for their drop-dead-gorgeous smile! They take care of their lovely teeth in several ways, from basic hygiene, all the way to regular trips to the dentist and keeping those teeth clean and white.

However, these dedicated ladies tend to go a few steps further in their dental care, so using porcelain veneers in Melbourne and other major cities has become one of the Aussie-favorite ways to not only “hide” stains and imperfections but prevent them as well! These dental covers are extremely helpful when it comes to providing extra teeth strength, but they also provide a natural white look to give you a truly extraordinary smile!

Think oily

You’d be surprised by the number and diversity of facial and entire-body oils can be found in an Aussie’s beauty repertoire. Despite living in such an arid climate, when we know that it’s best to use lightweight moisturizers, Australian women have found a few oily alternatives that provide insanely great results. A local favorite is their Emu oil, ideal for swelling and minor imperfections, and they love to use Tea Tree oil to fend those insects off in the evening.

Then there’s their wrinkle-fighter, also known as rosehip oil, which is exceptionally light on the skin and won’t clog your pores. There are a whole variety of oil mixes designed to treat various skin issues, from putting off those ageing signs, all the way to treating irritation and keeping your skin hydrated and elastic. Find your favorites and use them to cherish your pores!

Nourish from within



Australian women have a distinct preference for healthy foods, and their culture cultivates diversity and ample options to stay healthy and beautiful, from within. Simply put, ladies choose the best and the most helpful ingredients in their meals with their beauty in mind – that is why they love their antioxidant-packed berries, and omega-3-rich seafood choices.

They also know how to steer clear of those addictive nasties such as refined sugar and junk food, because they know these bites are only a zit-attack waiting to happen. It’s all about commitment, so learn from the best to tailor your own perfect menu!


So, there you have, ladies, try to introduce these Aussie beauty tips into your own routine, and do your best to discover what gives you those coveted results. With a bit of imagination and consistency, and your skin and hair will love you for the Aussie-inspired effort!


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