Avoid These Outdated Makeup Trends That May Make You Look Older Than You Really Are

The best part of makeup is how it can help you disguise what you want to hide. Those dark circles from a too-late night or worrying about a sick child? Makeup can help perk you up. The uneven tone from some early adolescent hours spent in the sun, unprotected, makeup can help smooth that out, too. 

    But sometimes the makeup trick you want to work, how those products and techniques can help you look younger, turn out to work the opposite trick and make you look older. That’s why it’s important to understand what’s happening, and what to avoid. 

    For example, the wrong foundation can be a dead giveaway to older-looking skin. That includes too much or too little foundation, or simply the wrong color. Instead, you need to find a tone that really matches your skin color. What else matters? This graphic can explain it and help.