Fashion Must-Haves for Spring and Summer Season

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These two are probably the favorite seasons of a vast majority of people. The sun, the anticipation of the summer holidays, the splash of color that enters our wardrobes – what’s not to love? The collections brilliant designers have presented on the runways for these seasons are absolutely amazing, and it’s difficult to choose which trend to give a go. We have done our due diligence in bringing you some of the absolute must-own pieces and all you have to do is pick the ones that call your name. You know that feeling, right – when you see an item and it’s almost like it’s speaking to you, whispering ‘take me, I’m so you’. Well, we dare you to limit yourself to just one, because with a plethora of choices, each more brilliant than the other, you’ll find yourself almost perplexed.

Give it up for the Color of the Year

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Every year the Pantone Color Institute releases a report on the color of the year. Given the social and political climate, the fact that the choice came down to Ultra Violet doesn’t come as a surprise. Aside from making a powerful statement about issues and representing hope and a commitment to grandeur and excellence, this color is just plain stunning and makes a strong impact however you wear it. It’s a bold choice, so if you’re not ready to go with something like a metallic violet dress, there is always a more subtle way to make your outfit pop, one of them being a great bag. Since the current trends are inclined towards solid and geometric shapes, we suggest a bold round crossbody bag that will enrich even the most casual of outfits.

A Tough Choice

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With both minimalism and maximalism engaging in what can only be described as a fashion clash of the titans, picking the ‘it’ shoe is a really tough choice. The new line by Tom Ford suggests that the animal print is back, and pointed-toe shoes with a snake or leopard pattern can look incredibly chic with an outfit that is otherwise composed of neutral hues. They’re edgy and give you just the right amount of confidence and trendiness, plus, fast fashion retailers such as Zara have already come out with their own versions of the shoe so you don’t even have to break the bank to be on point. However, there is the white boot and shoe trend that has no intention of surrendering, and given the fact that a non-color can bring such pizzazz to an outfit, it’s a really tough call. As someone once said – when in doubt, be generous, so if you can afford it, treat yourself to both.

The Cool Factor

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If supermodels like Bella and Gigi have taught us anything, it’s that even the most casual or even sporty of outfits can be brought to new heights with the use of mighty specs. Of course, the nature-loving and protection-obsessed women of Australia have been rocking sunglasses for ages, and Australia is one of the few countries to actually have a sunglass standard, which is why Aussie girls make it their business to pay a visit to their go-to optometrist in Burwood, where they can find not only in the coolest frames but the best lenses as well. Staying cool and trendy is great, but make sure you choose your specs taking the protective factor into account, even if it means you invest in one pair only.

An Eternal Must-Have

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Assuming you already own the edgy fashion chameleon that is the leather moto jacket, it’s time to invest in something that also possesses a timeless quality – a great trench coat. Such powerhouses like Burberry have made it their business to never let the trench go out of style, but if you’re looking for elegance with a twist, there are now PVC, patent leather, deconstructed and even embroidered versions of the cult classic garment that will allow you to be even trendier, and dare we say, edgier. The spring weather can be shifty, but you’ll be there to weather the spring storms in style.

Still Mad About It

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We are very grateful to see that the plaid trend isn’t going anywhere. An oversized double-breasted plaid blazer is the obvious choice, as it allows you to play with different styles and create super versatile looks. You can wear it with a belt in a bright color like Carolina Herrera taught us for a more polished and chic look, or you can take the athleisure route and pair it with cool jeans and a hoodie. If blazers aren’t really your thing, there are high-rise pants and pencil and pleated skirts, so just take your pick, but don’t let your wardrobe be deprived of something plaid.

Speaking of Athleisure

There is no way you can get your trendy swag on without a cool hoodie. Now, we know that the choices are endless, but in light of the fact that the color-blocking trend is up and about again, we definitely suggest a splash of color when it comes to this piece. You’ll basically be killing two fashion birds with one stone – color-blocking and athleisure. The best part, with a piece as colorful and poignant as this one, you don’t even have to put much effort into the rest of the look because the hoodie will say it all.

We’re well aware that a hard choice is in front of you, so just close your eyes, listen to your style persona and go with the pieces that truly call out to you and that will allow you to remain true to your style while still being on trend.

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