How to Match Your Fashion Choices to Your Body Type

First of all, no matter your physique and body shape, we know that you already own an entire selection of dresses, jeans and sweaters that make you feel incredible about yourself, comfortable, and they serve their purpose – and they don’t need to be replaced.

However, getting to know your body and finding the best fashion features to emphasize what you love most about yourself can be handy in creating your style.

That said, remember that few of us look exactly like the shapes we use for reference, from the famous hourglass, all the way to a banana – we’re all somewhere in between, whether your waist is just a tad wider than your shoulders, or your legs are long and curvy, but your shoulders pop as well. All of that makes you unique and lets you find fun ways to tailor your fashionable self-expression!


Slim legs and a heavier middle


The closest shape that would describe you would be an apple, and since your waist might not have that slender curve, the best way to go is to focus on bringing out your lovely gams and maximizing your shoulders. This will help make your waist look more proportionate to the rest of your body, and you’ll still have plenty of room to play with your look!

Consider adding flowy kaftan to your wardrobe, which will give your upper body a more elongated appearance, while dresses and skirts with asymmetrical lengths can also divert attention from your midsection. Try to avoid using belts, waistbands and high waisted pants, simply because they add volume to your tummy, while well-fitted clothes made of softer fabrics give you plenty of wiggle room.


Hips wider than shoulders


So many lovely divas such as Rihanna and Beyoncé proudly strut their tailfeather, and you can even rely on some of their own outfit choices to make the most of your shape. Whenever possible, you can do your best to bring out your shoulders, with off-shoulder tunics and dresses, especially if they have some flare at the bottom part, to let your curves balance out your look.

When summer comes, spaghetti straps and tastefully bringing out your cleavage can also do wonders for your figure, while chunky necklaces, layered jewelry, and other upper body details will give more substance to your style. Rich patterns such as florals and animal print are an excellent way to shift the focus to your hips, while colorblocking can also be used to achieve a similar effect!  




The perks of this figure are ample, just like, most typically, your lovely bosom and your hips, but depending on your overall shape, it can be tricky to style. The key guideline to keep in mind is that you can always focus on emphasizing your narrow waist, and the rest will come together more easily. Stylish pencil skirts and high waisted pants and jeans help accentuate your curves, while wearing wrapped dresses, belts and other details to direct attention to your midsection will look wonderful all around.

You can think in a similar manner when it comes to more revealing options during summer, as a Brazilian-style bikini will perfectly follow the natural curves of your body. Fitted jumpsuits (which are all the rage this season), form-fitting long dresses and high waisted jeans paired with tight tees will fully accentuate your figure. All sorts of knots, bands, belts and bows are more than welcome around your waist!


Shoulders, waist and hips in line


When you don’t have than many curves to flaunt, and your measurements are roughly the same all over, then you’re closest to what’s called a rectangular shape, or in fruit terms, a banana. Think Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman, both of whom are gorgeous, but their distinct body shape has taught them to dress smart. That means that just like hourglass-shaped gals, you should focus on your middle to create curves even if there are none!

Avoid sharp cuts both for your neckline and your waist, and add more round cuts such as V and cowl neck, and a high-waist everything will give you a better-defined middle segment. Shirts and tunics should be cut in such a manner that there’s some extra flare below the bustline, so as to create the illusion of greater shoulder-width. You can also work with tops that have different lengths in the back and the front, because a few more inches to the back of your dresses and shirts also adds volume to your shoulders and gives some flow for creating a nice waistline.

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