My Week at #NYFW

The first week in February began as an intense journey as I navigated my way through NYFW. If you have been following our Instastories you got a glimpse to this world. Many of the times I was backstage, shuffling from one show to another or meeting some new friends. During this week, I saw a total of seven shows, all different in presentation, runway, aesthetic and style. 


Monday, February 5th


Ovadia & Sons 

Irving Plaza nightclub served as the backdrop for this nostalgic punk collection. The Ovadia twins gave a nod to their New York roots reminiscent of concerts they have attended in the past. Rendered with their signature leopard, plaid and, bold retro graphic prints, denim, red and mustard hues in a mixture of trousers, overcoats, hoodies and leather jackets gives reference to their thrift store roots. The addition of muted knits adds a fresh break into this rock 'n' roll vibe.



Thursday, February 8th


Manhattan Knights

Stark white in the middle of reconstruction the models looked like they crashed the penthouse. In a presentation style, there were four clusters of models in provocative, urban and fresh clothing. Vibing to nostalgic 90s hip hop music, the crowd was riddled with enthusiasm with the sheerness, graphic printed tops and street style nature of the collection. The signature 'Just Don't' was featured on t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants as well as the sly addition of 'Fuck Outta Here' on polos. The lines of femininity and masculinity were blurred with some androgynous looks with skirts, sheer tops, chains, and clear plastic.


Saturday, February 10th


Dan Liu

Dan Liu's The Spy Who Loved Me F/W 2018 Collection had a retro 1960s and 1970s feel. As the all too familiar James Bond theme song played in Spring Studios, these strong women strutted down the runway in classic a-line silhouettes accessorized with black sunglasses and white scarves draped around their head. They were mysterious and the clothes were in understated colors and spurts of floral prints, polka dot patterns, leather and lace detailing. The show started off strong, however near the end there were odd mixes of knits and lace that didn't speak to the same strong woman from the first look. 

Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Dan Liu



In the heart of the Meatpacking District at the Standard Hotel, a modern and sleek hotel KUHO's F/W 2018 Presentation was in the midst. Matching the luxe of the hotel to the collection, it felt as though I stepped into the middle of a photoshoot with make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers and creative directors buzzing around. The oversized wool overcoats were statements to rival all other looks. There was a sense of two separate, but cohesive collections, one for the daytime and the other evening. The evening looks had glimmers of sheen, metallic and sequins skirts and dresses while the daytime looks were ridden with neutrals creams, browns and burgundy in a sleek casual yet, cool silhouette.



Han Wen

Models were thrown into the ring at the Overthrow Underground Boxing Club for Han Wen's F/W 2018 presentation. A cohesive collection featuring sleek silhouettes with garments filled with slits, elongated straps and accessorized with belted bags or Han Wen caution tape. The underground feel of the location went with the boxer aesthetic of the garments. The structured trench coats had precise cutouts giving the collection an edgy feel to a traditional silhouette. 


Sunday, February 11th



Amongst all the excitement at Industria Studios, new comer brand Ennluap showcased a collection solidifying her mark at NYFW. I had a chance to briefly chat with the designer, Amanda Williamson about her collection as she filled it with flirty and feminine a-line silhouettes, heavy fabrics like jacquard and brocade inspired by English fashion. As we spoke about her inspiration for the silhouettes, prints and fabrics we also discussed the importance of plus size representation in NYFW. I was slightly disappointed when I didn't see a plus size model on her runway however, she did inform me the model did cancel at the last minute. The collection was fresh and ready to wear right off the runway and speaks to the contemporary woman. The show-stopping finale piece was a short floral jacquard burgundy dress perfect for the fall season. 

Source: Alana Beyer/The Washington Square News


Lujin Zhang

Reimagining pop surrealist art, Lujin Zhang filled the runway with a bright and whimsical color palette. The generously oversized men-inspired fashion had a twist featuring a sheer trench coat, metallic, velvet, felt and reflective fabrics and structured pieces. The ornate details of floral felt earrings and asymmetric collars also played well and the crowd smiled with delight as children's fashion was introduced on the runway too. 

images courtesy of Lujin Zhang


Overall it was an amazing yet exhausting time. I did partake in some of the festivities at Spring Studios (the main site for NYFW ) like taking pictures at the Tresemm√© booth, grabbing some freebies and a drink before heading off to the next show. I am still recovering from NYFW, but I look forward to the next season. Maybe one day I'll get to jet-set and see the shows in London, Paris, and Milan as well. 

Let me know what fashion house you would love to see.