6 Dos & Don'ts For Waxing Down There Your First Time

So I know we've all thought about it at one point or another.

Some of us have taken the plunge into getting regular bikini waxes and have never looked back. While others have wondered yet haven't gotten up the nerve to do it. Well ladies I'm here to make this experience just a little more comfortable especially if you're thinking about getting your lady bits waxed for the first time. 

Here are some Dos and Don'ts.




Girl are you crazy! Have you not seen the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian's where Khole tries to wax herself for Lamar with an at home waxing kit? Umm it didn't turn out well to say the least and it looked extremely painful. Please ladies be smart and leave this type of waxing up to the professionals. Wax your own legs, arms, eyebrows, or whatever but leave your vagina alone.


So I don't know about you but I'm not about to Groupon a random bikini waxing spot just to save a few bucks. My lady business means more to me than to have a rando down there not knowing what they are doing. In my eyes if you're going to do this type of waxing you might as well spend the money to make sure you are at a place that is reputable. Do your research, ask some friends, or hell yelp the damn place. Make sure you are comfortable with the establishment you choose.  


Seems like a no brainer right?! Wrong. Some people will shave a week or a few days prior to getting waxed. Don't do that. Obviously your hair has to be long enough for the wax to adhere in order for it to work. The general rule of thumb for first time waxing is that your hair be about 1/2 inch long. Another thing to remember if you're use to shaving down there is that you're skin may be a little more sensitive in the fact that the redness that happens after waxing may last just a little longer. This happened to my sister, an avid shaver, when I took her to get waxed for the first time.




I promise you will thank me for it later! This one factor was key to me even trying waxing at all. I've heard so many horror stories from other friends who would go get waxed for their wedding and they would always tell me, "Never the f*uck again!" Come to find out it's different if you go to a place like the European Wax Center. In which they use wax NOT strips to complete the process. Trust me this is 1,000 times better because the wax only adheres to the hair and not the skin, unlike waxing with strips which takes your hair and the top layer of skin with it. Plus the European Wax Center refers to their method as the "Comfort Wax System" so you know it's not that bad.


This is more of a tip for afterwards. Through my own experience I found it very helpful to exfoliate down there while in the shower. Just like you would exfoliate your face to remove dead skin that could clog pores you would want to do that down in your bikini region as well. Now I'm not saying exfoliate to the point of irritation but just enough to clean the area. If you do decide to go to the European Wax Center they do have products there that you can choose from that will help with exfoliation and in grown hair. However, I've bought and tried those products and they don't work all that well for me. This why I normally just use a small facial buff sponge and my Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash which works fine.


I'm not about to lie to you and say this process is painless. However, I guarantee you that the pain isn't as bad as what you are thinking it will be. Trust me this is playing out way worse in your head. The first time will be the hardest just because you don't know what to expect but the good news is the more you do it the less and less it will hurt. I truly mean that because when the lady did my waxing for the first told me that same bit of info I thought she was trippin but it turned out to be fact. Obviously this all depends on your individual threshold for pain but I promise you've experienced more pain in your life than getting waxed.

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