in those jeans

 In those jeans not to be confused with by the hit song by Ginuwine In Those Jeans.

Jeans have been my favourite pair of clothing for decades. I have always been the girl who would instead put on some jeans than a dress. I am an avid jean lover. 

I believe that every girl should have at least two pairs of good fitting jeans in their collection. We all have those jeans that fit too perfect, let me lose 5 lbs jeans, too loose or the PERFECT fit. Once you find the perfect fit, I call it a true blessing.  I can remember my go-to PERFECT fit was my True Religions (2 Chainz for the culture) jeans in college. Oh, I wore those jeans out and once it was time to let go.  I couldn't find a new pair that fit the same again. 

I am not going lie to you at this moment, I have over 20 pairs of jeans in my closet, and most of them look alike. I am a jean hunter I can either save or cash out depending on the style I am looking for at the moment. 

My go-to outfit is a pair of good denim jeans and a shirt. You can never go wrong with jeans you can either dress them up or dress them down. (wow that sounds cliche). 

I love a good pair of distressed jeans. I use to love skinny jeans just because I have short legs and regular jeans flood on me. Currently, I am love with the Not Quite Skinny, Not Quite Straight jean look. 

I am also feeling the fringe look at the end of your jeans. It could be because I love me some messy but put together look all too well. 

I have four brands that I love to shop for jeans. They flatter my shape and makes me instantly look toned. It also gives me a little booty. These brands come in wide range of sizes that are perfect for any body type! 

My brands:



Urban Outfitters- bdg brand




What is your favourite brand of jeans?