Business Fashion Trends for 2018

While we’re still applauding the neon/glittery bravado supermodels rocked in this season’s fashion shows, the real world is calling, and it needs a fashion forecast, pronto, one that allows us, mere mortals to wear these fancy inventions to the office and real-life events.

Nobody expects you to wear a sheer dress to a meeting or would find it appropriate to see a pair of Libertine rainbow heels strut into your cubicle. In order to find the right balance of quirky, authentic and business-friendly, let’s delve deeper into some of the expected 2018 office looks that you can pull off any day of the week!

Denim has an haute makeover


A fabric that used to be perceived as strictly street style acceptable, denim is witnessing a true rise in the fashion industry, if it ever needed such a promotion in the first place. This already adored material has been given the opportunity to join the management ranks, and officially become an example of haute fashion!

Yes, dark, denim jeans, not ripped, not flared, not glittery, not washed out, but pure, color-rich jeans to replace your fancy pants, at least for a day or two of the week. They’ll work well with a cardigan, in a monochrome look, with fun accessories and the bold red lip!

Ultra violet your wardrobe

Colors are always a questionable moment when it comes to translating the season’s favorite palettes into your office wardrobe. Sometimes you need to keep your look professionally pastel, while at others, a strict dress code doesn’t allow too much wiggle room for playful shades. Luckily for us, the froggy green 2017 is slowly coming to an end, making room for the bombastic, yet mysteriously alluring ultra violet of 2018!

This dazzling hue is surprisingly chic, and yet it can be professional enough for your bosses not to confuse it with other, neon-ruled catwalk trends. Start by introducing this shade of purple in the form of something small, such as nail polish, or a pendant necklace, and work your way up towards a pair of lovely violet shoes, or a blazer that will liven up your beige suit.



We all know how sensitive this topic can get, even for the most casual of workplaces out there, and too many rings, layered bracelets and other bling can be too distracting and glittery to be deemed acceptable. Hence the need to find a suitable, yet equally fun alternative or two, so why not merge purpose with pretty?

For example, wearing sunglasses makes for a brilliant fashion statement, enriches your look and keeps your eyes safe from sun’s harmful radiation. A massive, but handy tote can hold all your notes, your pens, business cards and makeup refreshments you need for a full day on the go. And nobody can say no to a lovely wristwatch, right?

Suit up like never before

Ladies, forget about the just below the knee skirts and tucked in shirts, it’s time to swap them for the classic, stolen from your alpha male’s closet, pantsuit! Now, wearing them will be a breeze, but finding them may be tricky – so do your best to keep it well-tailored, versatile, edgy and fun.

Velvet, polkas and stripes


Let’s start with the season’s favorite material that’s considered a true revelation in terms of comfort and style put together into a single luxurious fabric. We are, of course, talking about velvet, and incorporating it into your office wardrobe can give your look a feminine, but subtle twist while remaining delicately tasteful. Plus, you can use it to add a discrete color to your outfit.

As for winning patterns, the beloved polka-dot from the 20s is experiencing a revival unlike any other, and deservedly so. This simple contrasting pattern comes in many business-acceptable shapes and forms, from black and white shirts, to dotted shoes. And don’t forget the timeless stripes, because they can add elegance like no other pattern out there.

If you need some inspiration, look at how Kim Kardashian, Dakota Johnson and Julia Roberts make this simple attire look spotlessly beautiful and just the right choice for leaving a professional impression whatever the occasion may be.

Claire HastingsComment