Cutting Edge: Summer Trends

Groundbreaking Fashion and Beauty Labels

Summer is the party season, everyone knows that. It’s hard not to party when the temperatures are high, school’s over and beaches are so appealing. Besides partying hard, it’s also important to be stylish and elegant at all times. With trends changing rapidly and new labels emerging every now and then, it’s difficult to keep track of everything. If you’re worried that there won’t be enough time to catch up with hottest trends and labels, worry no more – we’re here to help with a list of groundbreaking and breathtaking fashion and beauty labels for the last day of this exciting season!


Hottest sunglasses

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Anyone can go out and buy cheap sunglasses that match their outfit, but if you’re looking for a really special ones with custom lens tint, you need to get your hands on Tens sunglasses. Tens are a Glasgow based company who made it their mission to replace those cold and lifeless shades with a rich, brighter lens tint. This means goodbye dark shades and removing your glasses when you want to read something because Tens glasses make everything seem brighter. These aren’t your usual sunglasses; their lenses are round and they come in many different prints so it will be impossible for you to stay unnoticed while wearing them.


Stylish girls

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Forget about playing nice and being shy, this time it’s about being your wildest self! Gothic style is back and with it all things black, spiky and lacey. Chain metal is also very prominent not only as a stylish and eye-catching accessory but as a material which innovative garments are made. Chain metal bralettes, harnesses, T-shirts and jewelry are amazing and they’re an absolute trend this summer.  Talented Fannie Schiavoni uses delicate chains to handcraft exquisite metal garments and once you try them on, you fall in love with them completely.


Glorious hair

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With loose French and Dutch braids, fishtail braids and braid crowns that have gained in popularity these past couples of seasons, it’s only natural that you’re looking for a way to get that voluminous look like the girls posting the tutorials. Need longer, luxurious hair for your dream look? Flawless Eden Hair Extensions are this year’s absolute must-have! They offer lovely, thick, clip-in hair extensions that are perfect for all hair types: fine, medium and really thick. All extensions are made of human hair and sold in a full head set. The hair is Brazilian and straight, and you can curl it yourself so that it matches your hair perfectly.


Fabulous makeup

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Last year, girls all over the world held their breaths and waited impatiently for M.A.C Cosmetics’ new line which they worked on along with Charlotte Olympia. The collection was a great success, and no wonder – since it was inspired by pin-up style from the fifties with her signature spider’s web on, girls go crazy over it. The collection had everything you could possibly dream of for a seductive and elegant summer look. There are wonderful tinted moisturizers, classic cat-eye liners, garnet and crimson lipsticks and soft, sunny eyeshadows. It’s not just that the products look amazing and feel great on your skin, but they come in a special transparent clutch where you can add a pocket mirror too and rock that highly-desirable retro feel.

Sometimes you’ll get lucky, and discover a designer and a label you haven’t noticed before, and you’ll fall in love with their products. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open, and always look for something new and unusual. Give new designers and new labels a chance - you never know if you’ll be the one to discover a label everyone will fall in love within a couple of seasons. If you don’t improvise, risk and experiment, you will never find the product that’s perfect for you.

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