Pre-Makeup Routine for Healthy Skin

Let’s be open for a second here - it’s hard to keep up, it really is. It feels like every second of every day we get to learn (and we’ll use the term “learn” very loosely here) something new about the way we should treat our skin, the type of makeup to use and all other “beauty breakthroughs” out there.

To make things even worse – all these little tutorials we come face to face with are not only hard to keep up with but they’re potentially very damaging for the skin, long-term. And all the hyped beauty buys? We won’t even go there this time around.

So, we’ve decided to put a stop to all the nonsense out there and get the real info. Talking to dermatologists, cosmeticians and makeup artists with a long-standing name in their chosen fields, we’ve come to learn that the order of applying beauty products can actually either make or break your skin structure. This is why – and we can’t stress this enough – getting on top of your pre-makeup beauty routine is essential. After having collected all the important tips, we’ve put together a guide everyone should read (and memorize).



To clean your skin of every scrap of dirt, make sure you rinse and repeat until you see the surface of your skin clean. The first cleanse will attack and remove the surface grime while the second one will go straight into your pores. We are in love with the Lancome Energie de Vie Foam Cleanser.



Forgetting to apply a toner after your cleanse is like dressing up for a gala and then leaving the house without your face on; it makes cleansing pointless. Usually, there may be some residual dirt left on your skin and this is where a toner jumps in to save the day.


Spot cream


If you are battling blemishes, redness or acne, a spot cream is the perfect type of topical treatment to lighten scars or blitz acne. Apply the cream right after the toner and let your skin soak up their benefits.




Serums are concentrated lotions that perfectly treat your pores by delivering active ingredients deep into the skin. They are an optional step. Apply lightly after toner or spot cream.


Eye cream

Admit it – you used to make eye cream the last step of the whole skincare routine, didn’t you? Ah, that’s okay, most of us did anyways. However, now that we know better – it’s time that changed. Remember this: your eye cream should go on before your moisturizer, oil and SPF. Apply it by using the pad of your ring finger and go with thin layers. Don’t use eye cream before you are 30+.




Moisturizer is a must, no dispute there. Yes, even if your skin is oily. The best way to apply a moisturizer is to massage it into your skin in an upwards and outwards motion. Do make sure you are using organic, vegan or mineral products as they are the healthiest option for your skin, especially with key beauty steps like moisturizing. We love Mukti and similarly conscious brands that work perfectly with all skin types all the while promoting a healthy, organic lifestyle.




We bet you didn’t know that oil is that one product that can penetrate your face cream, did you? Well, now you do. Still, if applied in the opposite order, it won’t have the same effect. So, to give your dry skin the oil it craves, pat it over drier zones to seal your moisturizer in. No matter how dry your skin is, don’t use too much of the product as it may irritate your skin.




Talks of a regular SPF application have become so frequent in the last couple of years that they may have easily turned into a religious thing by now. In case you still haven’t figured out the way it’s supposed to be applied (and when), use it at the end of your pre-makeup routine to ensure you get the best of your beauty routine. As far as we’re concerned, Nivea is always the best choice for an SPF crème.

images provided by Pixabay

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