Secrets of Aussie Beauty and Style

Ah, the beautiful Australia and its gorgeous, sun-kissed people that we all envy. How do those ladies manage to sway their hips down the beach in skimpy bathing suits and no makeup on, and still look glamorous?

People from the Down Under are many things, but they certainly aren’t shy about their fashion skills, and lately they’ve been stepping up the game. While the country may look isolated from the rest of the world, it actually represents a mix of international and Aussie specific trends and ideas, thus making for a very unique style that charms its way into our hearts with ease. Have you ever wondered what’s their secret? How are they one of the most beautiful people in the world? Read on as we reveal some of the best tips and tricks to get that beautiful Aussie glow.


They have a relaxed approach to fashion

An average Aussie woman is not the one to spend three hours preparing the perfect outfit before a date, or to try to get every tiny detail right. We take fashion so seriously and we forget that, essentially, it’s there for us to have fun, to enjoy it. If we stress over what we’re wearing the entire time, then is it really worth it? You want to look good? Then, babe, you’ve got to feel good before anything else. Play with your outfits, wear things that you enjoy wearing. Instead of trying to organize something perfectly, rely on your instincts. Use your passion for style to guide you.


They are bold

Do you have those moments when you think “Gee, I sure would love to wear a crop top, but I don’t know if it’s really right for me.” Yeah, well, that doesn’t happen much with Australians. They aren’t afraid to go all the way in and wear whatever they want to wear. Instead of following trends blindly, they’ll take them and make them unique. Bold colors and prints are far from unusual, and when it comes to materials they prefer anything light and breathable. Silk, denim, chiffon, cotton, linen – anything that they can move in, that’s easy to match with other things. Bright red shirts with raw hem denim shorts, or silky culottes with a simple, tight blouse – anything goes and it won’t even cross their minds that they can’t pull it off before they try it. Stop being so afraid of fashion, it’s there for you to experiment. 


They’re outdoorsy

Aussies spend most of their lives at beaches and in nature, soaking in the fresh air and letting all the benefits of staying active shape their bodies into perfection. Working out isn’t a chore because they’ve found a way to turn it into a passion, into something cultural that everyone does. Those trim, athletic figures of theirs are the result of turning health into a lifestyle. Athleisure is their go to fashion choice for their day-to-day dealings, and they make sure they are always comfortable, and always moving around. If you want to be a stunning beach babe like these ladies, stop dreading those gym workouts and find something else, something that you’re gonna love doing every day.


They pick powerful combinations

Think over the knee boots paired with quality designer leather handbags; think loose georgette shirts and tight little pencil skirts; think elegant slacks and perfectly tailored blazers. We already said they’re bold, but damn, when it comes to fashion Aussies know how to make a statement. They take simple pieces and then accessorize until they make them pop. A little black dress becomes anything but boring if you pair it with a printed bomber jacket. Simple staples like skinny jeans can be taken to a whole new level if mixed with oversized, backless sweaters, or giant trench coats that are cinched at the waist with thick belts. The point is, you don’t need complicated things. Your simple everyday outfits can be transformed with the help of some creativity.


They take care of their skin

One would think that Aussies are all about baking in the sun given that they have such a plethora of beaches to choose from, but they’re actually the first ones to realize the dangers of sun exposure and the importance of wearing sunscreen. They are religious about their skincare, and beauty gurus such as Lauren Curtis and Karima McKimmie are inspiring bold, sexy makeup looks and proper beauty routines. Take care of your face and body because clear, glowing skin is going to be your best accessory and it will match any outfit.

The key to Australian beauty and style? A laid-back attitude and the willingness to be playful and passionate. Break out of your comfort zone and try new things, you won’t regret it.


Claire HastingsComment